Travel Karma

A list of the cities and countries I have travelled to in the recent past and blogged about.

Stories of our trip to Amsterdam can be found here.

Photographs of Budapest visit.

Winters in Delhi.

Kolkata memories & photographs: a walk down the Kolkata of 1960s and 70s with an interesting snack.

A trip to see Kolkata famous Victoria Memorial and a visit to the old Chinese settlement of Kolkata to eat breakfast!

Inside a vegetable market in Kolkata.

Glimpses of a Hindu Bengali wedding in Kolkata.

Tales of winters in Kolkata - picnics, fairs and whatnots.

Photographs of the Olympic opening ceremony in London.

Visual feast London's Borough Market.

Tales of an Oxford graduation.

A weekend trip to Shantiniketan to touch base with my roots.

Memories and photographs from gorgeous Paris trip.

Photographs of a visit to Thailand and a relaxing bowl of Pad Se Ew.

Memories of our trip to Venice.

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