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Project 365 - A Food Photo A Day

Project 365 is known to most of us. It is a very popular photography project where people pledge to take and share a photograph every day for the whole of a year or 365 days. Some of my blogger buddies did it last year. I was so impressed with them that I decided to start one such project myself. Only my project has a little twist. My Project 365 will have only food photographs. Yes a food photo a day. I know this is narrowing the project down severely. But I figured this project is a great way to improve my food photography skills and also discipline myself in taking and sharing a photograph. Those who know me knows that I not a very disciplined sort. I often get bored or tired or both and loose interest. So the way I see it this project would be the making or breaking of me. Let's see which way the wind blows!

You may wonder why food photographs? Errr because I love food and happen to be a food blogger and am pretty obsessed with food on any given day. And my food photography skills are not really good. Much to my dismay I have realised that I prefer to eat the food, rather than photographing it while it gets stone cold and looses all it's flavours. Not a good preference for a food blogger by any long chalk. So this project is to enhance my skills, increase my patience and a severe lesson in not attacking my food the moment it hits the plate. 

Most days you will find me posting the photograph late at night, just before going to bed. But I have promised myself that I will share a photograph before the day ends for me. So accompany me on this journey and wish me luck. Some cheering would also be nice, or better still why not join me?

Hi there January:
Day5: Bengali Lunch
Day6: Fruit Salad
Day7: Pad Se Ew
Day8: Ciabattas
Day9: Dried Mangoes
Day10: Cafe in Lyon
Day11: Green Tea & Sweet Treat
Day12: Fresh Fruits & Veggies
Day13: Pomegranate
Day14: Cookbooks
Day15: Chicken Curry
Day16: Chicken Roast
Day17: Chicken Curry (I promise it's different from Day 15)
Day18: Stir-fried Okra & Potatoes with Indian Spices
Day 19: Green Tea
Day 20: Pasta with Zuchinni, Asparagus & Chicken
Day 21: Coriander Chutney
Day 22: Chicken Curry with Pulao
Day 23: Chinese Style Shrimp Fried Rice
Day 24: Food in Paris
Day 25: FrogBurger in Paris
Day 26: A Slice of Chocolate Cake to Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day
Day 27: Back From Paris
Day 28: Let's Have A Drink
Day 29: Farmers' Market Produce
Day 30: Home Alone with Green Tea
Day 31: Breakfast

Hello February!:
Day 32: Chinese New Year
Day 33: Antipasti
Day 34: Healthy Snacking
Day 35: Green Tea

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