Breakfast Oats with Maple Syrup & Blueberries

Sharing with you a quick & healthy breakfast option. 

Breakfast Oats with Maple Syrup & Blueberries

1. 1/4th cup of organic steel cut oats
2. Double that is half cup of water
3. A splash of milk
(You can add more, I am not too fond of milk, so I like to keep the milk minimum)
4. A pinch of sea salt
5. A small knob of butter
6. 2 table spoons of maple syrup
(can add brown sugar, honey or any other sweetner)
7. Chopped nuts/seeds/raisins
(I used pistachio 3 to 4 and almonds 2, chopped very finely)
8. Half a cup of blueberries or any other summer berries

How to
1. Bring the oats and the water to a boil, let it simmer for a couple of minutes, the oats will soak up the moisture and fluff up, give it a stir
2. Add the splash of milk and the butter, mix well, let it cook for a couple of minutes more
3. Switch off the heat, transfer the oats to a bowl 
4. Add maple syrup or your choice of sweetner, a pinch of sea salt 
5. Garnish with nuts and blue berries

One fourth cup of oats is the perfect breakfast portion for me and keeps me going till lunch. I love the hint of savoury that the sea salt brings, while the maple syrup bring in the sweetness. If you are wondering why I add butter,  the butter makes the oats very smooth and it doesn't lump up even after it gets cold. So if your breakfast is suddenly interrupted with a work call or an important email, never mind. You can get back to it after sometime and thanks to the butter it would still be edible. Of course the nuts add crunch which I love and the berries some texture.

This recipe can be doubled very easily, just remember 1 portion of oats needs double it's portion of water.

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