Kach Kola r Kosha Bhaja ~ Recipe for Raw Banana Peel Fry

Today the Bengali vegetarian recipe that I am sharing is super quick and easy. Not only that, it is cooked using the usually discarded bits of a veggie ~ the skin. We Bengalis hate wasting food and as a result end up eating various vegetable skins like lau/lauki, aloo/potato etc. Today I will show you how to use up the raw banana peel. I am told that the peel is really rich in vitamins and iron and is too tasty to be chucked away.

This is my mother's grandmother's recipe. In rural Bengal most houses have a banana, a papaya and a coconut tree. So a lot of banana is grown in almost every home and we Bengalis specialise in eating all parts of the banana tree. 

1. Boiled peel of two raw bananas or plantains
2. 2 cubes of garlic
3. A pinch of Nigella seeds
4. 1 green chilli
5. 1 dry red chilli
6. 1 heaped table spoon of grated coconut, if you don't have fresh, can use the dried one as well
7. Salt to taste
8. 1 heaped tea spoon of sugar
9. 1 table spoon of mustard oil or sunflower oil

1. Please do not throw away the water in which the raw banana is boiled. Using two tablespoons of that water, one garlic pod and a green chilli make a fine paste of the peel
2. Heat a frying pan, add the mustard oil and once it starts smoking, add the nigella seeds, one garlic pod finely minced and the dry red chilli snapped in half, let these splutter for a minute
3. Reduce the heat, and add the banana peel paste and granted coconut
4. Keep stirring till all the moisture evaporates and the mixture become dry and tight
5. Add salt and sugar and mix well
6. Serve with steamed rice

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