Postcard from Wales ~ Tal-y-Llyn Lake

We were on our way from the seaside university town of Aberystwyth to Dolgoch Falls. Located in the heart of the beautiful Tal-y-Lyn Valley, this waterfall is deep inside the southern part of Snowdonia National Park in Wales. Our Sat Nav showed the journey to be about an hour, which for my driving crazy husband is nothing. Once we had left the bustle of Aber, the drive got peaceful and the roads got winding. Though the road was busy, it wasn't crowded and driving was pleasant. There were lots of greenery on both sides and the road was steadily rising. For city dwellers like us a drive through the mountains and forests is always very interesting and we were behaving like proper tourists stopping at different parking bays to enjoy the views and take photographs. Well I was doing all the hard work, taking the photos, while husband was stretching his legs and soaking up the peace.
{If you are wondering what we were doing in Wales, these ** at the bottom of the post will guide you.}

We were on the trunk road A487 for the first half of the journey, then had to turn into the B4405. During the drive once we had crossed the 200 year old Grade-II listed Dovey Bridge (Pont ar Ddyfi), situated on yes you guessed it right Dovey or Dyfi River {where by the way we met some extremely rude drivers who almost succeeded in making us believe that Welsh are not very nice people} the road entered into the woodland county of Gwynedd and in turn the Snowdonia National Park. From here, the A487 ran through thick woodland up the Dulas Valley. At Corris, the road passed round the southern edge of Cadair Idris, sandwiched between this and Craig Gogh and the Abercorris mountains. There's a narrow side road that leads down to the B4405 at Talyllyn and the valley back to Tywyn. Our Sat Nav which either has a mean streak or firmly believes that we are thrill seekers of the worst order (more stories on this later) showed us that road. But the road looked more like a mountain walking trail and had a sign  clearly stating unsuitable for motors, so we had to brake at the last moment, reverse and continue on the A487 (thank God there were no cars immediately behind us). The driver of a car coming from the other side got rather worried thinking we are going off on that road, he wildly gestured to us to continue on the A487. The main B road itself joins just round the corner and is much more safer than the steep, narrow short-cut. It may have saved us a few miles, but we would rather be safe and in peace than clinging to our seats and praying that we can navigate the steep short-cut safely. Sat Navs should stop suggesting such dangerous paths.
The A487 then has a steep climb up the valley alongside Cadair Idris. It was from here that we first saw a glimpse of the lake nestling in the valley below. It was sunny while we were up there and the whole lake seemed to be sparkling in the sunshine. I desperately wanted to stop to take a few photos of the stunning scenery below. But we did not come across a single parking spot from where I could get a good view. Plus the A487 is predominantly single carriageway in this section, we didn't know the terrain at all and traffic was brisk, so husband was reluctant to even go slow. We kept driving steadily, the road was going downwards, we soon had to turn left and join the B4405. Once we had turned left on the B road, I kind of guessed that we may be crossing the lake or there would be another road nearby leading to the lake. I had my eyes peeled for road signs. Fortunately we didn't have to take any detour. After a little while on the B4405 we came upon the lake. or rather the lake came upon us. It was serenely beautiful. There seemed to be no one around, though there were boats gently bobbing in the water, while we were there we didn't see any fishermen.

Once I got back home I did a bit of research on this beautiful lake. It is known by various names~ Talyllyn Lake, Llyn Mwyngil and Llyn Myngul. Wikipedia says it's a large glacial ribbon lake situated at the foot of Cadair Idris in the Snowdonia mountain range of Gwynedd. There is a village of the same name at the end of the lake, on the B4405.

My research led me to discover a few places to stay on the lake shore. First is the Ty'n-y-Cornel Hotel. They also have a restaurant and a cafe. We had parked our car a little distance from this hotel. They seemed fairly busy and have a few tables beside the lake and a stunning car park. If we hadn't been stuffed from our hearty breakfast it would have been great to have a drink enjoying the magnificent views of the lake and the  surrounding mountains.

The map shows two other places to stay, one is The Old Rectory on the Lake and the second is the Pen-y-Bont. I realised I have taken a photo of the old rectory nestling on the opposite bank of the lake from where I was standing. 

I don't know when I will be back next in the Snowdonia National Park, but when I do, I would definitely like to spend at least a night on the shores of this beautiful Talyllyn Lake.

According to Wikipedia: Looking north-east up the Bwich Llyn Back pass
If you are wondering why did I do an entire post on just a lake, specially someone like me who hardly ever blogs {hangs head in shame and secretly blames super lazy self). Well this blog post is more for me, so that I don't forget this stunning lake and next time I am visiting that area I know where I need to spend a night.  In the process if you, dear reader also enjoyed the photos of the lake, then it's a double win for me {cheeky grin}! And now you can also spend some time beside this beautiful lake.

**We spent the August bank holiday weekend in Wales. While there we stayed in the Plasmorfa Hotel facing the lovely Cardigan Bay near the small village of Llanon in Mid Wales. 
We did several day trips during our stay, this is the first of my travel series "Postcard from Wales". Stay tuned for the post on Dolgoch Falls which comes next.

Couldn't have written this post without referring to various Wikipedia articles and Sabre Roaders Digest. 

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  1. Loved the post with the super stunning photographs! I can spend all my life in such an idyllic location!


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