My Summer Balcony & A Recipe for Shrimps in Butter Garlic Sauce

I have been trying to write this blog post for the past several days, no weeks. My big come back post. A post which will explain why I have been MIA from my blog for the longest time. You may wonder who is interested, I wonder that too. Often. Hence I have been trying to wrack up my brains and imagine up the most incredible of excuses, the kind which will make the uninterested readers shrug off their apathy, sit up and read on...With each passing moment the excuses were getting fancier and fancier, like I took off on an impromptu world tour, I got lost in Sahara Desert, was building a log cabin in the Appalachians... but readers who know me would catch out each one of those...I am a city girl, born & bred and while I like travelling, I like it in short bursts and I am hardly the cabin building kind, so I would type a sentence, realise how glaringly fake it is and give up with a sigh and go in search of ice cream. After too many just-one-spoon ice creams later I have decided it's no good, neither for my weight, nor for this post. So I decided to chuck all those lame excuses aside and be honest with you and confess. Dear readers I have been lazy, demotivated and super engrossed with setting up our new venture Chaiparty, hence no blogging. There I said it, I accepted that I am lazy and have set a new world record in procrastination. Now can we move on please? While I don't have a greener pasture, I have a balcony full of flowers that I am very proud of. Ever since we moved to this apartment, I have been meaning to set up the balcony, finally I did it. Enjoy some photos of my balcony.

Of course because I am spending so much time outside the meals at my home have been pretty rushed affairs. One of the quick crowd pleasers that I keep rustling up this summer is my version of super quick butter garlic prawn. It's a super easy recipe, really flexible and is ready in about 10 minutes flat.

Shrimps in Butter Garlic Sauce
{Serves two for dinner}


1. 200 gm shrimps, shelled and cleaned
2. 1 table spoon sunflower oil
3. One small onion, chopped
4. 2 cloves of garlic, finely diced
5. A pinch of paprika
6. Salt to taste
7. 1 table spoon of Lurpark Infusion ~ Lime & Chilli
8. One fat red/green chilli

How to prepare the shrimps

1. Marinate the shrimps in paprika and salt, set aside
2. In a frying pan heat the oil and start sweating the onions
3. After 5 mins or so when the onions turn transclucent, add the garlic and the chillies, fry for 5 mins more
4. Add the marinated shrimps, fry for two minutes till the shrimps turn pink on both sides, adjust the seasoning and switch off the heat
5. Add a heaped table spoon of Lurpark Infusion ~ Lime & Chillli*
and serve hot with steamed rice
*You may wonder I am using Lurpak Infusion, when the good folks at Lurpak sent me their new infusions to try, I was eating them smeared nicely on toast, it immediately lifts up your bread and makes it something special. Then one day while trying to drum up enthusiasm to cook dinner, I was desperately seeking shortcuts and suddenly it came to me, rather than actually making a butter garlic sauce, why don't I just heap a spoonful of the Lurpak infusion on stir fried shrimps. I tried it, not only did it cut down my cooking time, it tasted brilliant, so there you go.


  1. Suchi, your balcony looks stunning! and i haven't used that word in a long time. Well done :-)
    Oh and i still hold the world record for procrastination. Maybe i will do at least one post this year. Good to have you back.

  2. Hi Suchi, Good to see you back, let me tell you i might just snatch the "Queen of Procrastination' crown from you. Your gallery looks so pretty and tell me more about Chaiparty.. is it your new venture?
    Btw, I too have cut down on Baking and focusing on some healthy wholesome homemade meals... that weight just does not come off :(
    I miss those days when FB dint exist and you took the time to visit blogs and read them!!
    Am back to blogging after a really long time and have moved to a new space. Do drop in when u have time. My new address is


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