Cheesy Masala Scones with Chia Bia Seeds

Confession time. I have fallen in love. With scones. A warm scone lavishly slathered with fresh cream and thick strawberry preserve accompanied by a perfectly brewed cup of tea. What's not to love! Make the scone cheese and add a generous dollop of butter and I am yours forever. But mind you the scone has to be slightly warmed and the butter should melt slowly and soak into the soft flesh of the scone. You bite in and as you chew the flavours of butter and cheese serenade you with equal fervour and you are in foodie heaven. Never mind those crumbs all over your chin and your dress. That's a small price to pay for all that cheesy goodness. Whoever discovered the scone recipe, I thank you.
This new found love for scones, specially the cheese ones is because of  the regular afternoon teas in the National Trust cafes on most weekends. I knew it was time to try making them at home when last weekend we went to a cafe and they had run out of scones. I mean seriously! How can an English cafe run out of scones in the middle of a sunny Saturday afternoon in the height of summer? Completely beats me. If I ran that cafe I would bake hundreds of scones for the lovers of this baked goody out there. Feeling crestfallen,  I ordered a sandwich and even my favourite egg mayo could not cheer me up. I started browsing my phone looking for scone recipes. I remember trying to make them way back when I had just started experimenting in my kitchen. They came out hard as rocks and had to chucked. I wasn't going that route again, I needed to make lovely golden ones which I can devour.  So I went through an enormous number of recipes on the internet and youtube. Two videos stood out. I decided to follow this recipe simply because the quantity of flour was less and it had no egg, while I liked the style of this one. Since I hate measuring and stuff I liked Peter Sidwell's idea that you should roughly eye ball the ingredients. That is what I have done with the cheese.

Before going into scones let me tell you why I put in chia seeds into it. Recently a company called Chia Bia got in touch with me asking me to participate in a two week challenge where I will have to consume two tea spoons of chia seeds every day for two weeks. These seeds are wonder ones, full of goodness and apparently will make me more energetic. I started the challenge yesterday when I added the seeds to my morning porridge. Today since I was all set to make the scones decided to put some in my baking. They came out rather well.
Similarly I have been thinking how would a cheese scone taste with a bit of spice. I decided to add some and see for myself. Try these and I am sure you will want to pass on the recipe to your favourite tea room.

I have made several changes to the recipe while keeping the measurements same. This is how I made my cheesy masala scones.
{Makes 12 small scones}
i. 225 grams self rising flour
ii. 1 tea spoon baking powder
iii. 3/4 tea spoon salt. Most scone recipes say a pinch of salt, I increased the quantity because I always feel scones are not properly seasoned. I am happy with this quantity, if you want decrease the salt. Also make sure in this case you serve the scones with unsalted butter
iv. 55 gram unsalted butter straight from the fridge, cut into small cubes
v. 125 gram cheddar cheese, grated
vi. 90 ml milk
vii. 1 table spoon of red chilli flakes + roasted cumin seeds + roasted fennel seeds, slightly crushed
viii. 1 tea spoon of red chilli powder, optional. The Indian in me wanted really spicy scones
viiii. 4 tea spoons chia seeds

How to make the scones~
i. Preheat your over to 180 degrees, prep your baking try. I wrapped my tray in foil and sprayed some oil
ii. In a large bowl sieve in the self rising flour, salt and the baking powder
iii. Add the slightly crushed spices, the chia seeds & the red chilli powder, mix the dry ingredients well
iv. Add the butter and work with your hands to incorporate the butter into the flour mixture. Work for 5 minutes or so making sure that all the flour is nicely mixed with the butter. The mixture will look like bread crumbs
v. Add the grated cheese, mix again gently
vi. Add the milk and bring the mixture together. Do not overwork it
vii. Sprinkle some flour on your kitchen surface and work the dough on it
viii. Using a rolling pin even the dough to one inch thickness
ix. Use a cookie cutter to shape the scones
x. Do a quick milk brush on the scones and sprinkle some grated cheese on top and put it in the oven
xi. Baking time~ the original recipe says 10 to 15 minutes at 180 degrees C. I baked for about 12 minutes in the middle rack and then put the scones for a couple of minutes more at the top to brown the cheese
xii. Rest the scones for a few minutes before serving them warm with butter. Oh and don't forget to put on the kettle!

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