A Trip to Scotney Castle!

Summer has been busy this year. Really, really busy. We launched #chaiparty in June conducting a supper club a month. We started with an Indian themed tea party and then hosted a south Indian brunch in July. Next up is an Andhra feast slotted for the end of August. Cooking for supper clubs has been a new experience, one that I am enjoying tremendously, all that planning, plotting, hectic social media, trying to sell the tickets, shopping, cooking. Needless to say it's hard work and we are learning as we go along. But it's good kind of work and since we do it as a team, it's fun too. We have loads of exciting events planned in London for the coming months, if you enjoy Indian food, do keep an eye on our up coming events. Also my in-laws were visiting from India and that took all my energy. Since this wasn't there first trip to the UK, we decided to take them off the popular tourist tracks and show them the local hangouts. We have been visiting beautiful gardens and stately homes in and around Surrey. Today I want to share with you photos of Scotney Castle, which is has a stately home and a picturesque garden built around the ruins of a 14th century moated castle. 

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