Curry Sandwiches

What's your favourite sandwich combo? The other day I was talking to a friend and she said her's was tuna, mayo and banana. Yes! precisely these three things. Like you I did a double take and asked her again. She solemnly nodded her head and told me to try it once before being all judgemental, her words, not mine. I am not sure I am ready yet to try that, but I have got for you a stunningly easy yet flavourful sandwich combination. This post is part of Lurpak's Freestyle Food Month. Lurpark guys have done a survey of the lunchtime eating habits of 2000 office workers and found that three in every ten tuck in exactly the same without fail every lunchtime. I am sure my husband was part of this three out of every ten cos he eats his ham & cheese without fail every single lunch. I mean seriously! 
So the Lurpak guys have decided to go freestyle and encourage people to try new flavour options and create new combinations. This is right up my alley so of course I had to take this up. Initially I was considering a lot of different flavour combinations but then I remembered something my mother used to make for us when we were kids. When in a hurry she used to use up leftover curries as sandwich filling. And I can tell you those were our absolute favourite. If at this stage you are thinking that you don't make curry at home, no fear, you must be sometimes doing curry take-aways. Whatever you have leftover from your curry night makes a wonderful sandwich the next day. If you have chicken or meat leftover, throw away most of the gravy, shred the pieces mix with the little remaining gravy, spread it on bread and make yourself the most flavourful sandwich. You can make this with any leftover curry, you could also mix remaining veggies like saag aloo or Bombay aloo with the leftover pieces of meat and create a completely new flavour combination. Let me tell you how to do it.
Curry Sandwiches
To make 4 sandwiches you will need~
i. 8 pieces of bread, any, I used white for this one
ii.Lurpak butter or spreadable
iii. A medium bowl of leftover curry, I used keema matar /minced meat with peas, leftover from last night's dinner
iv. Juice of a quarter lime
v. Cucumber slices
vi. Tomato slices, you can add lettuce, onion, radish, rocket leaves. The options are endless.

Here's how I assembled the sandwiches~
i. Heat the leftover curry, and leave it to slightly cool down
ii. Meanwhile butter your bread generously
iii. Once the curry has cooled down, use a spoon to lightly mash it all up. In case you are using chicken or meat, shred the meat. Throw away most of the gravy, since gravy would make the sandwich soggy
iv. Add the lime juice to the mashed curry and mix throughly
v. Assemble the sandwich, topping the curry with slices of cucumber & tomatoes for a bit of crunch & flavour
vi. Your sandwich is ready to be served
Give this super simple sandwich a try, you will love it. In case you want to know more about the  about the Lurpak challenge, there's a bit of good news.

From 23 June, our Lurpak Food Truck will be touring London offering good food lovers a free lunch boasting a range of freestyle combinations. From Peach and Ricotta on Raisin Bread, to Bacon, Kale and Avocado sandwiches, it’s all about trying something new. No recipe, no plan, no carefully measured ingredients. That’s freestyle.” I have listed the truck dates below.
23 June at Broadgate Market
 24 June at Finsbury Avenue
 30 June at Paddington Central
    1 July at Observation Point (Southbank)
 7 July at Canary Wharf
 8 July at Regents Place
14 July at Spitalfields Market
 15 July at One New Change
16 July at Potters Fields
   17 July at Chiswick Business Park


  1. i forget that sandwich can be so heavenly at times. thank you for the reminder :)

  2. These sandwiches have been layered so well. I actually watched James Martin make a salmon and watercress sandwich in a round sourdough bread and when he assembled it and sliced it through it looked just like this. Delicious.

  3. Lovely sandwich. .something new

  4. Hi Suchi, wow... your curry sandwich look awesome. You spread it so neat and tidy and very impressive photography skill.

    Have a nice week ahead,regards.


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