Kitchen Karma's Simple Chicken Curry

It's a chicken curry.
Simple. No frills. Nourishing.
The kind you want to eat. Again and again.
The kind your mother makes when she is in a hurry.
Or on days when she can't be bothered to cook, but has to.
The kind which makes you miss your mom's cooking the most.
The kind you will probably never find in the glossy pages of a restaurant's menu.
The kind, my mother will laugh in surprise when I tell her that I blogged the recipe.
It's a chicken curry.
An extremely simple one.
But that does not in any way make it boring.
Or diminish the hearty, deliciousness of this curry.
It's this very simplicity that makes the curry so special.
You would not make this when guests come for a meal.
But something you would make for your family often.
It's the kind of curry that graces our table  most days. 
Sometimes it feels good to cherish the regular, and I am doing just that today.

To make this curry you will need a handful of ingredients, most easily available in your fridge and pantry, but an hour or so of your time to cook it. A proper Indian curry from scratch takes mostly around that much time. But once you have added all your ingredients, you can let the curry bubble away on the stove for half an hour or so while you do your own stuff. Or alternatively you could also pop this in your over and let it cook itself. I have grown up eating food like this ~ simple and straight forward. In fact, why only me, most Indians I know eat this kind of home cooked fare on a regular basis. All those complicated, spice laden dishes which you associate with Indian food are mostly our festival or special occassion dishes. For everyday we Indians like it simple, yet delicious. This particular recipe is my own, not a family hand me down. It's an extremely easy recipe to make. Do give it a try, I am sure you will be wanting to make it again and again.

I keep experimenting with chicken curry and this is one combination I came up with which tasted extremely nice. Usually our weekends are spent eating out, so I try and start the Mondays with a simple home cooked meal. This curry was our dinner this Monday.

To make this chicken curry you will need.

{Serves 4 with rice as main meal with rice and will give you a little leftover for the next day}
1. 1 kg chicken, with bones, cut into curry pieces;
2. 4 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into four pieces each;
3. 1 medium onion, roughly sliced;
4. 4 cloves of garlic, one inch of ginger, 5/6 stalks of coriander {leaves and stalks both}, 2 green chillies made into a smooth paste with 1 table spoon of water {you could make this paste beforehand, it easily stores in the fridge for a couple of days}
5. 5/6 green chillies, snapped from the middle, seeded or deseeded
6. Half a tea spoon of whole cumin and coriander seeds, each
7. Half a tea spoon of turmeric
8. 1 tea spoon of sugar
9. 2 table spoons of sunflower/vegetable oil
10. Salt to taste

How to make the chicken curry:
1. In a heavy bottomed pan, add the oil, once it becomes hot and starts to release fumes, reduce the flame to medium;
2. Add the whole cumin and coriander seeds, let them come to a splutter;
3. Add the chopped onion and the sugar and fry till the onion starts to turn slightly brown on the edges {you could skip the sugar if you wanted, I am too well trained in the Ghoti way of cooking, where we add sugar to balance the savoury}
4. Add the chicken and potato pieces, fry for 5 minutes or so, till the pieces turn slightly brown
5. Add the turmeric, continue frying till the raw smell of the turmeric powder vanishes. Probably 5 mins more;
6. Then add the ginger, garlic, coriander and chilli paste and continue frying for 10 minutes more, stirring regularly;
7. Add two cups of water, the green chillies, mix everything well together, cover the pan, and let it bubble on the stove for half an hour to 40 minutes;
8. In between stir the curry occassionally;
9. Taste the gravy, adjust the salt, if needed add a bit more water, check whether the chicken and potato has been cooked {by now the potato pieces would start breaking at the edges and should be well done, so should the chicken} 
10. Add the pinch of garam masala powder, mix everything well and switch off the gas;
11. Rest the curry for half an hour before serving with hot, steaming rice. If you want to serve this curry with rotis, reduce the gravy in the curry.

Your chicken curry is ready. 

The beauty of the curry is in it's simplicity.  After being boiled for more than half an hour, the whole spices and onion would melt and mesh in the gravy. And since there isn't much more to it, this won't overpower you with spices. One big flavour in the curry are the green chillies. They bring in a slight heat which adds depth to the flavour but also their smell and taste adds on. By the time you sit down to eat this, the potatoes pieces would slightly break and are soft laden with all the flavour of the gravy. Since we Bengalis specialise on starch on starch mixing that potato with the rice and eating it gives us enormous pleasure. After such a meal you are ready to take on the world again!

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  1. That's such a yummy curry. Perfect to have with rice.


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