Exploring Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich while sipping Teapigs' Morning Glory

For those of us living in London or one of it's many suburbs there are so many bits and pieces to explore that life can never get boring. And indeed it is not. Mostly. A few weeks back I trekked all the way from Surrey to Greenwich {right halfway the London world} to meet a friend. It was a gorgeous late March day, the sun was out, not a cloud in sight, the blooming daffodils looked cheerful nodding their heads in the breeze, birds were chirping, temperature was moderate. In short it was a perfect day and we made full use of it by exploring  the old Royal Naval College which now houses the Greenwich University, Trinity College of Music and the Maritime Institute. 

Of course such gorgeous days are always in passing and soon enough we were hit by a week of overcast, grey sky, freezing cold and constant rain. On such days you need an extra bit of boost to cheer yourself up and I did just that with a mug of Teapig's Morning Glory brew and photos of our day out in Greenwich. Now these are all photos hastily clicked by my phone camera. But when I looked through them they didn't look half as bad and since the majestic white buildings of Greenwich are pretty impressive, I cloudn't resist the urge to share these photos with you. 

This UNESCO world heritage site was designed by architect  Christopher Wren of St Paul's Cathedral fame and was originally meant to be a hospital. Currently it houses mostly educational institutes. If you stand in the courtyard of  the Trinity College of Music, and if you are lucky and if their concerts coincide with your visit, you can hear music wafting out. We did hear a few snatches. My friend who was till last month a Greenwich resident said that during the weekend, the place is crazy busy and chock-full of tourists. But on that Wednesday afternoon the place was pretty empty and we could roam around without being pushed or shoved. 

Please enjoy the photos and if you are curious about the tea I am drinking, no it's not my usual cup of green tea. It's a cup of English tea. Teapigs is a company which is pretty popular in the cafes of UK, many of them serve this brand. Since I almost always order tea in cafes I have drank my fair share of Teapigs. My favourite in their range are Green tea with Mint, Jasmine Pearls and Apple & Cinnamon. So when I was offered to review their Morning Glory which is a poetic name for their English Breakfast, I had to give it a try. 

Now this tea is interesting. I was expecting the usual strong Assam flavour that is what most English/Scottish/Irish breakfast teas and builders teas are made of, but this  blend provides a bit more than that. It has the malty flavour of Assam tea, but it also has a briskness and a gorgeous colour. This extra bit I could not figure out and it is exactly as irritating as not being able to pinpoint which spices have gone into a particular curry. So I looked around the Teapigs website and discovered that the blend has Ceylon Tea (which I have tasted and quite like the intense flavour. My favourite however is their Lychee Tea) and Rwandan tea. Now African tea is completely new to me. The only tea I have drank is Rooibos. I definitely want to explore African tea more. A little more digging and I discover most British tea companies have diversified to Africa and regularly sourcing tea from there. It's giving  the African economy a little boost.
Back to the blend, so it delivers all the usual requirements, is strong, can wake you up nicely, sweetened can help calm you down  in any crisis in true British style and then it goes  the extra mile and punctuates the Assam with a little African something. Talk about exotic brews.

I no longer take milk and sugar with tea, except when I am having a rich masala tea. This tea however will taste better with a dash of milk which in my opinion will help cut through all that intense flavour. So next teatime give this a try, I am sure you won't be disappointed. 
Though I prefer loose tea to teabags, this one I don't mind since the teabags are bio degradable. 

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  1. Lovely pics... Well captured... Sipping tea in a perfect cosy English weather... Miss those days...


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