Hope & Greenwood's Almond Brittle: A Proper Little Treat

One of the perks of food blogging is the arrival of various edible packages in your home. One such package arrived to reveal brittles. Now like any sensible adult I don't eat sweets even though I love them. But when they arrive at your home all prettily packaged, it's another story. 
I got two boxes. One of them was this pretty pink and cream box containing almond brittle. Now in India peanut brittle is almost like a national snack. Almost all regions have speciality brittles, but almond brittle was new to me. Not for long though. I tore into the box with improper haste and bit into my first almond brittle. Ah the taste! The joy of a mouthful of crunchy caramel...But hold on...there is more to come.
Now this is not just any ol' brittle. This Hope and Greenwood creation sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt and a tingle of chilli, is  so addictive that I just could not stop snacking on them. I think I made up for all those years of not eating brittle in just one day. Yes it was that good. The brittle was wonderfully crunchy, the caramel well done and dark brown {just the way I like it}, the almonds lightly toasted, so did not taste raw, crisp and nutty, the sea salt cut through all that sweetness, yet there was just a hint, so did not turn the whole thing savoury, one knew one was still binging on sweets {if you know what I mean} and the red chilli. Ah what a tingle it was. Just when, after discovering the salty surprise, you settle down to enjoy all that dense sweetness with subtle hints of salt, out of nowhere comes the chilli and hits or rather tingles your tastes buds. It is like those joy rides which pack in one extra surprise before coming to an end. If the Himalayan sea salt made this brittle good, the chilli made it exceptional.

Not satisfied with just binging on these brittles, I tried them on my favourite vanilla ice cream. Oh it was such a treat. It is a perfect dessert for all those dinners when you are too busy or too lazy to make a pudding. I don't know whether to hug Hope & Greenwood for introducing me to their magic sweets or to run away from them and their super addictive products. But you know a brittle is not only about all that dark caramel but equally about those healthy almonds, the sea salt (all those minerals, my friend), and of course the chilli. So go on buy yourself a pretty box and have a treat. 


  1. This indeed looks divinely yummy.


  2. Never thought of pairing brittles with ice cream. I do have a unique way of using them though.Squeeze some rasgullas into light cream to sweeten it up. Add the rasgullas to the sweetened cream. Top up with a swirl of chocolate syrup and crushed nut brittle. Chill and serve this dessert.

  3. Yum! The brittle looks amazing with ice-cream - the perfect combination!

    Miranda xxx


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