Day Trip from London: Seaside Town of Margate in Kent

Last Saturday on a sudden whim we drove to the seaside town of Margate in Kent. It took us a little more than one and a half hours to reach. Since it was the first day of school break we were rather nervous about a choked M40. But I think most people fearing heavy traffic decided to stay at home and the roads were emptier than most Saturdays. So we breezed through near empty roads and made good time. By the time we arrived around mid day, the car park at the pier was semi full but the beach was super empty. We were wondering where all the people were. We soon discovered the secret of the near empty beach. 
The day was super windy and it was almost impossible to walk along the sandy beach. So after exploring the pier hastily,  we ventured into Margate's old town and explored it's various retro shops and cafes. 
It's a small, laid-back town, pretty empty since the tourist season has not started yet. There were a few knots of people here and there. Though most of the shops and cafes were open. I would love to go back again on a less windy day to explore the sandy beach. 
Few photos of Margate though my lens.

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  1. Serene and so pretty......makes me think of England that might have been Mr Darcy's.


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