Exploring London's Columbia Road Flower Market

One of my favourite ways of spending Sundays in London is to explore the various farmers markets. When we lived in north London my absolute favourite was the farmers' market in the sprawling grounds of Alexandra Palace. Now that we live miles away from there, I don't get to visit it anymore. I  badly miss that charming market in the wooded parkland.
The market I am going to talk about today has been on my to-visit bucket list for the longest time ever--Columbia Road Flower Market. A market dedicated only to flowers with artisan and vintage shops doted on both sides of the Columbia Road. There are two pubs and some cafes in the area as well. This non descriptive stretch of road in east London, a little distance away from the Hoxton overground station, comes alive with plant and flower vendors flocking to sell their wares every Sunday. Rest of the week I am told it is a pretty non happening place. To the extent most of the permanent shops also open only on Sundays. 
But man the road makes up for it all on Sundays. And some more. We arrived a little after noon just before lunch time. The market was absolutely packed. I don't remember the last time I have been pushed and jostled in this manner. Even the Northern Line at the peak of rush hour is not this crowded. But the wares on display are completely worthy of  the crowd. The flowers and plants enchanted me. The sheer variety itself was mind boggling. We had plans for lunch and a movie afterwards, so could not buy any flowers or plants from there. Needless to say I am going back soon, there are so many things I want to pick up from that market. Enjoy the photographs, all taken with my trusted cell phone in super hurry, just before being elbowed away by the impatient customers beside and behind me.

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  1. Thanks a ton for sharing. Mesmerising flowers. So beautiful, brightens up mood.


  2. pretty flower market sorry it was busy and you could;t enjoy

  3. wow, what a beatiful place to visit!


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