Christmas Special: Debenhams Food Hampers

If you are the still wondering what gifts to buy for Christmas, try Debenham's food hampers. After receiving one, I can tell you they are a foodie's delight. Given an option between savoury and sweet, I said I enjoy both and this is what I got. Of course a proper Christmas hamper has to have a box of luxury mince pies tucked in somewhere, apart from that, it also has Border's shortbreads {my absolute favourite}  some chocolate stars, a bag of Haribo jelly babies tied with a dainty red ribbon, a big gold coin chocolate, a jar of The Dormen peanuts and a bottle of red. All these goodies are perfect for snacking on Christmas day, once the feast has been digested and you are feeling a wee bit hungry.  Apart from the food, for me the delightful bit is opening the hamper; the act of discovering a new item, one at a time. I did feel somewhat like an excited kid in a candy store.
A bit about the bottle of wine included in the hamper--Condor Millaman Cabernet Sauvignon 2012. Now I am no wine expert, I do enjoy a glass of fruity white or bubbly now and then { err more now than then actually} but do I know about notes and body and other stuff experts rattle on about? Honestly I can't say I  do. So I looked up this wine and what I read about it sounds interesting. According to Bubble Brothers this wine is "An ideal choice for a party or function, this is a classic Chilean cabernet with generous aromas, good weight and an attractive flavour profile of blackcurrant jam, chocolate and capsicum. Juicy, long finish. "
Jam, chocolate and capsicum all in one sip of wine! This has definitely made me curious, looking forward to trying it.

I am being very strict with myself {which is a bit of a pain} and saving the hamper so that we can enjoy it on Christmas day during our Scottish retreat. 
Thanks Debenhams for the Christmas hamper.


  1. Hi Suchi!
    WoW! That is one amazing hamper full of all kinds of goodies. I'm not sure I would be able to have such self restraint, I would want to tackle those chocolate stars at once! Not to mention the Cabernet Sauvignon. Not necessarily in that order, lol...Enjoy your retreat Suchi and a Very Merry Christmas to You and Yours!!!

  2. Wow looks simply wonderful. The food hamper consists of so many things..Awesome...A perfect Christmas gift...

  3. Hi Suchi, Happy New Year to you and all at home. Wish you all the best in 2015.
    That hamper look really wonderful, love those goodies. :))

    Have a nice day. Regards.


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