Pizza Union opens in Spitalfields, London

Pizza Union, UK's first pizza bar has opened in Spitalfields, a short walk from the Liverpool Street station. The menu is a classic list of Roman-style pizzas with super crispy bases, ready within a couple of minutes and very reasonably priced. They also do salads. I was invited to sample some of their pizzas. We started with olives which were good and then I ordered my favourite--Pepperoni pizza, while husband went for Reine--which had apart from the usual tomato sauce and mozzarella, parmesan, cotton ham, mushrooms and black olives. We loved the pepperoni pizza but weren't too keen on his. Maybe he should have ordered something spicier. We then ordered Dolce which means sweet in Italian, but in the menu is a dough ring filled with Nutella and mascarpone cheese, sprinkled with some cocoa. Now this is something, not too sweet yet delicious. I can go back to Pizza Union again and again for this dessert.

This no-fuss pizza place is no cramped delivery joint. The  restaurant is nicely spread out and has a buzz. Because their service is so prompt, table turnouts are quick. So there is a lot of coming and going. It was almost full by the time we left. There was also a brisk pizza delivery happening.

For the price, the food and ambience of the place is great. If they continue with this price and quality, I see a lot of Pizza Union branches popping up all over London very soon. High street chains better beware! 

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