Lettr: A cool new way to send postcards while travelling!

The very idea of a holiday makes me smile. Sitting on my desk on a rather dreary Friday morning I think of warm, sun kissed sandy beaches, an azure blue sea, waves gently crashing on the sand and disappearing into a froth, palm trees dotting the shoreline, distant cry of the gulls... and I can almost feel myself relaxing on that beach. With a cocktail or two.
Or maybe a beautiful land with stunning snow capped mountains and lakes whose colour changes every hour. How refreshing is it to sit beside such a lake, soaking in all that beauty and watch the world go by. 
Now that summer's here, well almost, it's time to pack up the bags, tie up those exploring shoes and get going! Don't forget the passport or the sunscreen lotion. Nothing can beat a refreshing and relaxing vacation, can it? Well maybe the promise of another one soon afterwards! 
So when you go on vacation or go travelling what all do you do? Explore new places? Try out different adventures? Try a new cuisine? Drink like a fish? Party hard? Relax and let go? Join yoga classes? Shop like mad? Take loads of photos? 

When I am away on a vacation I confess I take loads of photographs. I am one of those trigger happy tourists who feel the urge to document everything around me. The idea is when I get back I will create a beautiful album with all the photos neatly arranged and labeled, for us to flick through later. Also I plan to take print outs of some of my photographs and then turn them into postcards and send them to my loved ones. But I know how lazy I am. So to be on the safe side I also pick up heaps of postcards. With the intention of sending them to my family and friends. When I get back home. Cos I hardly carry my address book with me on my holidays. Travelling light and all that. Well that is the aim. But once I am back, battling with the unpacking, doing mountains of laundry, trying to get rid of the lingering specks of sand in my luggage, reviving my house plants, getting the house back in order, sorting the grocery, getting back into the kitchen,  tackling the formidable inbox pile up and all the things that need to be dealt with immediately at work, sending postcards keep going down my to-do list. Before I can catch a breath a month has gone by and by then I feel that it would be rather silly to send off those postcards. So those cards pile up and go to one of my many storage boxes. Another vacation goes by without the postcards being sent. *Sigh*

So when Lettr wrote to me introducing their cool new service I was interested. It's a service designed for someone just like me. So what is Lettr? In their own words "It’s the postcard of the 21 century that allows user to send memorable postcard with own photo as easy as sharing it online. And it still keeps that very personal touch of a traditional postcard - sender’s handwritten signature."
 How Lettr works ?
- It allows travelers to send innovated papery postcard from any place in the world. No need having pen, stamp or even postcard.
- User takes picture of her/his awesome moment or selects already taken one. It’s going to be outstanding memorable moment, printed on the front side of the postcard.

- Sending personalized postcard is that simple. Just a common smartphone/ laptop with internet connection is required.
- Lettr delivers printed postcard in the shortest time possible. Delivery time takes usually 2-3 days instead of 2-3 weeks in comparison with traditional post service. It’s sooner than a traveler returns from a trip. 

Now is'nt this cool? When Lettr asked me to review their service, I promptly sent one to my husband to his office address. He was pleasantly surprised. Getting a post card out of the blue. The postcard reached him within two to three days and I have broken my postcard jinx and finally sent one successfully. So if you want to share a piece of your holiday with your loved ones without going through any of the hassle like trying to communicate with the post mistresses in a small village in the south of France that you would like to send first class, Lettr is the service for you. Also cost wise, if you compare the price of buying a postcard and a stamp plus all that effort, it is not that much more. Go on travelling folks, give it a try and make someone smile today.

Disclaimer: All the photos used in this post are mine. The Lettr posters are property of Lettr. 
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