Coughlans Bakery's Chilli & Cheese Bread

It's one of those days. My husband is off again, this time to Berlin and I am home alone. I am feeling too lazy to cook for myself. Neither am I in the mood to eat out. We have had a super binging weekend and am still recovering from that. So if you do not want to eat out, nor do you want to cook, what is the next best option? In my mind buy some good quality bread and have it on it's own or make easy sandwiches. And I did just that. This bread is my latest favourite. This is a chilli & cheese bread from Choughlans Bakery. We have a store right in front of the Sutton station which is about 4 minutes walk from my home. Love the breads in this bakery. And they are a treat when I can't be bothered to cook.  I lightly toast the slices and have them with tea. What are your lazy day foods?

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  1. Very fulfilling and lavish looking Coughlan's bread.


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