A quick & easy snack with frankfurters

It was one of those days when there was almost nothing at home to serve to some friends dropping in for drinks. My freezer yielded some Herta frankfurters and half a Jus Roll puff pastry and the fridge a little cheese. I was wondering whether I should order some food, when this very simple idea struck me. I quickly boiled the frankfurters and cut the puff pastry into small squares, laid half a frankfurter on the pastry, sprinkled some grated cheese, some spring onions, a little freshly grated pepper, laid them on an oiled oven tray and put them to bake into an already pre-heated oven at 100 degrees C for 15 minutes. I checked a couple of times in between to see how these rolls were coming along. Soon enough the pastries were browning on the edges and the cheese was bubbling.  After bringing out the tray, I rested it for some 5 mins to cool it down before serving them with a dribble of Tabasco sauce.
These went down a treat with the chilled drinks.

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