The Cotswolds Chronicles: Bourton-on-Water & Hot Scones

So what happens when a bunch of girls err women decide to go on a weekend trip? It is like time travel and we are back in college. Only this time round it was better, we definitely had more money, are waaay wiser and have years of experiences to chat about! The idea started with N's birthday coming up, way back in December. We wanted to do something special and then we hit upon the idea of a weekend trip. On our own, without the husbands. The very idea made us giddy! An all girls' trip.  
There was no confusion about the destination. We knew we wanted to go to the Cotswolds. Located right in the heart of England (south central) it has been designated as a place of outstanding beauty and is famous for it's pretty English villages and honey coloured stone architecture. N had been there once on a day trip and wanted to go back for a more leisurely one. I have ooh-ed & aah-ed over photos of Cotswolds for years and my husband has shown no interest whatsoever to visit. Among the other girls N2 had been there and did not mind visiting again, good girl that she is. G and M were game. So after weeks of chain emails and later whatsapp messages back and forth, some confusion, some irritation, the dates were finally fixed. N fished out a really nice place for us to stay and we were raring to go. G gallantly agreed to drive us in her car. N2 offered to drive some, but the only problem was that she did not yet have a driving licence.  Only sad bit in all this was that we had no space for V. So this time round we did the trip without V, but next time V you are coming with us, even if we have to pack you in a suitcase!

Our journey was to begin early Saturday morning. To save time N, M and me S, we went to G's place the evening before. We drove G's husband and son out of the house and happily settled down, helping ourselves to Krispy Kreme doughnuts and milk fudge that G's son had sweetly made for us. The plan was to go to bed early for a fresh start the next morning. Of course no such thing happened. We talked and giggled late into the night. And we were barely into our sleep, when I woke the girls up thinking it was late. I was talking in my sleep, but of course the girls did not know that! So M sprang up, rushed to the bathroom, then woke G up who was sleeping in the next room. And both of them were almost ready to hit the road, when G realised that it was only 4.30 a.m. So I was shaken awake and cursed a little. We all had a good laugh and promptly went back to sleep.

We started around 7 a.m. in the morning from Feltham, London, drove to Reading to pick up N2. We got lost in the way and went round and round Reading, before we figured N2's place out. She had made breakfast for us, we attacked that and once stuffed, hit the road. Finally we were Cotswolds bound. 
Of course we had to have plenty of adventures along the way like G freaking out over a terribly scary looking hilly road, N, M and me, we three muskeeters trekking up a semi hill and feeling rather heroic! Only problem was that it was a no walking road with no pavements and we could have been hit by a car. Instead the drivers waved to us and some even boo-ed. 
Once we reached Cotswolds we saw the sights {our way from the car, no entering any church or museum or any other place of interest}, shopped plenty, ate lots {cream teas with scones and clotted cream, M even sneaked in an ice-cream when no one was looking}, guzzled cocktails and of course yapped silly. 

Our first stop in Cotswolds was Bourton-on-Water which is also known as Venice of the Cotswolds. It is a pretty little village with a canal flowing right through the middle of the high street and there are little humped back bridges dotted along the canal. There were plenty of pretty cafes and gift shops around. The good news was that there was not a single high street brand/chain around. All the shops were stocked with locally produced merchandise. 

When we reached it was drizzling a little, we roamed around a bit, shopped some and was ready for lunch which we had at a quaint little place called The Village.

When we entered the place, it was very busy with lunchtime crowd. Somehow we managed a table beside the window. While waiting for our food to arrive, we could not resist the temptation, we asked for some scones. They came warm with clotted cream and strawberry preserve. We made short work of the two scones among the five of us. This was just the beginning of our scone eating spree. 

Stay in tune for more stories & photographs of our road trip to the Cotswolds.

Cast of characters:

In case you are wondering who these alphabets are, we are a bunch of food bloggers based in the UK, in and around London.
G=Gayathri who blogs at Mummy & Me
M=Manjiri who blogs at SliceoffMe
N=Nisha who blogs at My Kitchen Antics
N2=Nupur who blogs at UK Rasoi
S=Suchi & you are already on my blog Kitchen Karma
V=Vineetha who blogs at Ruchi {who couldn't join us in this trip}


  1. Hey suchi thats a lovely write up with beautiful photos , I love the effect you have used on the photos. It was a fabulous girlie weekend and we must do another one soon this time WITH vineetha in tow!love our group photo hahhahaha!Manjiri

  2. fun we rented a cottage here once lovely village

  3. I'm looking forward for the next part, just wonderful …i can imagine all the fun you all would have head! gorgeous pictures and group photo is FANTASTIC!! :D

  4. what fun Suchismita. loved going through this post. wish i could have something like this.

  5. Such a trip that was Suchi .. beautifully narrated, and the HDR effect is looking so good on certain pics, specially for the shop which we looted..

    And yes, the moustache is looking cool on me :)

  6. Can imagine the total fun you girrrls had! Looking forward for the next post!
    Great pictures suchi..


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