A Very Berry Smoothie Recipe

Day 82: Here we are running terribly late on this photo challenge, but what the heck I am still running in it. So for now, I am going to enjoy that idea and not beat myself up. Lately we have been drinking a lot of home made smoothie for breakfast. This is the latest that we, err I made. It's a pretty filling breakfast, packed with all the fruity goodness and tastes yum. This smoothie has oranges, banana and blackberries. Yes lots and lots of blackberries. Now blackberries is one of the berries I read about a lot while growing up. Got to taste it when I came to the UK and fell in love with it. It's my favourite fruit to snack on. In our home it's a clear division, blackberries are my firm favourite, while my husband just loves cherries. Anyways to get back to the smoothie, this one was the blackberry skin and pips floating around. I think that adds a bit of texture to the smoothie. If you cannot lay your hands on fresh blackberries, try with the frozen ones. Sharing the super simple recipe.

Do you enjoy smoothies too? In case you are wondering what smoothie to make do give this berry  smoothie or even this orange, banana, pear and ginger smoothie a try. Both are yummylicious! 


  1. HI Suchi!
    I love Blackberries! I adore smoothies too:) That picture up top makes me want to dive right in, lol...Thank you so much for sharing, the recipe...

  2. Very tempting and healthy smoothie!.....love ur blog too!

  3. Que delicia de batido se ve de lujo muy nutritivo,abrazos


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