Rains & the Indian Ginger Tea/Adrak Chai/Ada Cha

It has been raining a lot. The last two days. Sunday we woke up to the sound of rains against our window panes. Now when it's a Sunday and you are in no hurry whatsoever to go anywhere, waking up to the sound of rainfall is so blissful. I lay on my bed, listening to the pitter patter sound of rain drops, luxuriating in the fact that it was a Sunday and there was no need to hurry cos we planned to laze around the whole day.
Of course when I wake up on a rainy day my usual green tea takes a back seat and out comes the kettle for some proper ada cha/adrak chai/ginger tea. Now I grew up drinking this tea as a medicinal remedy whenever I got a cold or got wet in the rain. So for me this tea and the rains have a close connection. 
When it rains and I am at home, I make myself a big mug of ginger tea and go sit near the window and watch the rain fall. I love the way rain drops clean away all that dust and refresh all the green around us and make it look greener. I could look at the rains for hours. 
I miss the monsoon of back home, of how eagerly we wait for the rains to start throughout a long and hot summer. How often we consult the weather guys, shake our heads when the oppressive heat continues and monsoon gets delayed by yet another week. How we rejoice when the monsoon clouds start gathering. And then the first rains of the season. Ah the sheer bliss. How people rush out and get wet.The dark clouds gathering at a moment's notice, people always being ready with their umbrellas, the sound of rains.
All this reminiscing is making me crave ginger tea. So let me stop and share the recipe of ginger tea with you. Then we can have ginger tea when it rains the next time round. What say? It is an easy recipe and the only thing special is the grated ginger in the tea. The ginger adds a warmth to the tea which tastes heavenly after getting wet in the rains or if you are down with cold. However much you are cold and shivering, the ginger tea will warm you in no time and makes you feel like all is well with the world. Try it, I am sure you won't be disappointed. 
The best way to make this tea is with loose leaf Assam tea. But if you do not have that, you can use any tea bag. But please do not use the ginger tea bags. Please take a couple of minutes to grate some ginger and add to the tea. If makes a whole lot of difference. Try the fresh way once, I promise you, you will love it.


  1. This is the beverage that I crave for in the evening for me and my family.

  2. ooh I want, I want. LOVED your photos, and that green chai glass holder is to die for

  3. I absolutely need no reason to grab a pot and make a cup of adrakwali chai... :) This is simply superb... I love visiting your space to admire your photography everytime :) See you at www.cookingwithsj.com :)

  4. very nice... and love the pakka indian tea stall style here...


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