Marylebone Farmer's Market

How do you spend your Sunday guys? Do you wake up late, laze over breakfast, do your laundry, iron you shirts for the week, water your plants, curl up with a book and a cup of coffee or go for a jog or a run or have brunch with friends? We do all of this, err maybe not the jog/run bit and sometimes I drag husband to the various farmers' markets that take place around London. When we used to live in North London our favourite was the Alexandra Palace Farmers' Market. We absolutely loved going for a walk in the park and then roam around in the market, having lunch from the Moroccan stall and then potter around the market picking some fresh produce, eggs, maybe buy some speciality olive oil.

Ever since we have shifted to Sutton we have not done much of this. Partly because I have not been able to figure out anything nearby which is easily accessible by public transport. So when BBPC {Bloggers' Buzz Photography Club} decided to go shoot one of the Sunday markets I was really excited. We decided to go to the Sunday farmers' market at Marylebone. Just a 5 minute walk away from the Baker Street tube station, this market is held in the local car park. As markets go this one is not very big or sprawled out. There are some 20 to 30 stalls of fresh vegetables, eggs, meat, jams & preserves and of course some of the bakeries sell fresh bread and sweet treats and then there are some stalls selling hot food. There was a guy in the corner selling dumplings and doing brisk business. The market was crowded and doing brisk business, the locals were busy meeting and greeting each other in between food shopping. We spoke to some, they said they look forward to the market day every Sunday.
Some photographs from the market.


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