Day 73: Rome, Coffee & Roman Pastries...

Day 73: Today I am taking you to Rome guys. Yes Rome with her wonderful history, classical buildings and the hustle & bustle which is so Italian. We were there for three days, we soaked up the history as much as we could, we shopped till we dropped and we ate. Oh the joys of Roman food. And the coffee, I can't even stop raving about the coffee in Italy. Not a coffee person at all, as most of you know by now, I can't stop drinking coffee when I am in Italy. The Italians know their coffee and how to make it. I can happily drink three cups and keep wanting more. But let's put the coffee aside for a second, I want to talk to you about something else. See those little pastries with a dab of icing?  Every time we had a coffee/tea halt we ordered those. They are generally pretty small in size, you can comfortably finish it in two bites. Inside it is filled with cream/custard, which gushes out when you bite it the first time round. Not overtly sweet these are perfect accompaniment for coffee, nicely balancing the bitterness of the coffee with it's creamy taste. From what I could find out these are the baked varieties. Another variety is the deep fried one which is sprinkled with icing sugar. That one is also filled with custard. So when you visit Rome, please don't forget to try these babies.

Let me quickly share some photos of Rome with you, before leaving you. Have a lovely weekend. xoxo

Let us start with the Sistine Chapel. This one is taken from the hop on and hop off bus. The more you approach this site, the grander it gets. Totally awe inducing.

The houses in Rome are so very beautiful. I think I have about a thousand photographs of just these houses. With their bright colours, shuttered windows and sometimes balconies they are pretty hard to resist. I was dying with curiosity to know what goes on inside those houses. Who lives there, how is it decorated, what kind of food do they eat, do they have family feasts? I am sure someone somewhere must have looked down on us from one of those windows and wondered who these tourists are and where have they come from, how are they liking Rome...

Rome abounds in statues. They are everywhere, in every nook and cranny. Sometimes they jut over your head, sometimes they are just beside you and sometimes you just come upon them.

Some of the buildings are so beautiful and orange, yet fit right into the modern world. If you are from Delhi or have been there, I think Delhi is the only city I have been to, which can give Rome a run for it's money in history and classical buildings.

Last but not the least a small section of the Colosseum. Yes the Coliseum in Rome.  Standing in front of this structure is a truly awe inspiring experience. You feel so small and insignificant by comparison. It has witnessed life go by for roughly 19/20 centuries. Sadly there were no lions or gladiators or crowds (just tourists with cameras), but my imagination filled the gap.

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