Day 65: Food Photos & Waterlouge!

Thanks to Instagram I have come across this charming photo app called Waterlouge. What it does is it converts your photos into watercolours. I found this really charming. To my dismay they are available as of now only on iphones. So I had to harass my husband to buy this app for me. Since my husband is almost always surgically attached to his phone, I rarely get to play with this app. But when I do, normal, often boring photos become so charming.
Some more food photos which I played with.

This was husband's birthday cake, which since it was taken in the evening was a very shaky photo. But now it looks nice, doesn't it?

Who doesn't like churros? And the last one of this lot! A salad which looks like it has been painted.


  1. Excellent and amazing looking food pics.

  2. Oh the salad pic is specially gooood! Worth a spot on the kitchen wall!


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