Lebanese Meal at Comptoir Libanais

I am sorry I have not shared the photos for my 365 photo challenge for one whole week. I have been clicking, but just went off blogging for a week or so. I sat down several times, but just did not feel like blogging or sharing or writing. So decided not to push myself, to come back when I wanted to. Not that I am in the mood right now, but got a comment from an ex blogger friend prodding me and here I am :-)

In case you are wondering what a whole lot of photos are doing in a photo a day challenge. Well the day we flew to India, we had dinner at this place inside Heathrow airport. Our flight was in the evening and we both were hungry, but did not feel like eating in any one of those fast food chains. We kept walking past those places in search of what we had no idea. Then we saw this place, Comptoir Libanais and we were charmed. We absolutely loved the decor of this place, it felt like we were transported in a no frills eatery somewhere in Lebanon. The name means Lebanese counter and it fits the bill exactly. Later after some googling I got to know that they have branches all over London, but this was our first visit to one. I could not resist taking photos. Inspite of the fact that it was evening and dark, there were no windows and fluorescent lights with harsh shadows was in no way helping the photos. Had I not been so delighted by the decor of this place, I would not have  bothered.

These are all iphone photos later edited. Apart from the food the place was also selling Middle Eastern artefacts and promoting a cookbook by their owner. 

This is what my husband ordered. Lamb tagine with rice. The lamb was succulent and moist and the spices were just right. There were some apricots and slivers of almond which was nicely adding to the taste.

This is what I ordered chicken tagine with rice. I initially wanted a kofta, but the waitress told me that it took 15 mins. Which was a good warning, because we did not have that much time. So I ordered this instead. Between my husband's dish and mine, I think his was slightly better. The portions are extremely generous, I could hardly finish half of mine, neither could my husband finish his. My husband ordered a pomegranate drink and I a rose one to wash down our food. The timing of the meal was perfect for us because our gate number was announced almost as soon as we finished eating. 

Overall it was a very nice experience. The food was not over the top great, but good and wholesome, the quantities extremely generous, the waiting staff were polite, friendly and helpful, but the best part of the place is it's pleasing decor. For that alone, I would want to visit all their branches in London.


  1. Hace poco tiempo en Chile se levantò un restaurant libanès y la comida es espectacular y ese cordero con arroz es una maravilla,abrazos.

  2. Both the pictures and the descriprion reveal that it was a good choice! I also like the decor of this place

  3. The place looks like you can spend 30 minutes simply staring at the decor and taking it all. Nice pics :-)


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