Day 63: Divine Chocolates

Day 63: Today I am going to share one of my favourite fair-trade chocolates with you. Yes you got the name right these babies are called Divine. I first came across these chocolates when I used to volunteer in the Fair-trade shop in Oxford. There I used to stack and price box after box of these chocolates. Sometimes my manager would buy one and graciously share them with me during our frequent tea breaks. I loved the chocolates so much that I started buying them to take home for my husband. When I started baking I always looked out for deals on Divine  70% dark chocolate bars in our local Morrison's supermarket and stock them up. Most of my baking which involves chocolates is with Divine. I must say I love using this brand. So I was delighted when I was invited by Divine to visit their pop-up chocolate store in London. There were chocolates all around us, heaped around for tasting. They have come up with some new flavours--mango & coconut and whole almonds. I loved both of them. Not too much of a coconut fan in chocolates, this was good, with just a subtle hint of mango and I loved the fact that the coconut did not overpower. I came away with a goody bag full of chocolates. Of course before I realised I had eaten through them. These three I was saving to use for baking. Thought I would quickly click a photo of them before I finish these as well.
What I like best about Divine is that it is partially owned by the cocoa farmers of Ghana. In the pop-up shop there were posters of all these farmers and the work they do. 
So when we eat Divine chocolates not only do we eat all that goodness, but we also do these farmers some good. Now isn't that a win win for all?

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