Day 61: A simple cherry tomatoes and lettuce salad

The year was 2007. I lived in New Delhi at that time. Worked for a human rights organisation. Most of us were single, living alone in the city and our colleagues became our friends and family. For work a bunch of us travelled to Himachal Pradesh and if you are in HP, the Himalayas are not far away. First start the gentle hills and then as you go further north, the majestic snow covered peaks start dominating the horizon. This super grainy photo is from that trip, taken by my point and shoot camera. Found this one while looking for some old documents. Those were the days before the photography bug had hit me, for me noise and  exposure meant little. Now when I look back I wish I had been a little more interested. This could have been a lovely photo.
Anyways, the photos brought back a host of memories. Lovely ones. Made my simple salad lunch much for interesting. How is the week treating you so far?

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  1. is going well...sometmes or may be most of the times simple things are yum yum


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