Day 59: The curiously flavoured ODDKA comes to the UK

Oh well. Guys in case you have given up on me and the Project 365, I am sorry to be a terrible disappointment to you. You see I have been sick and a little preoccupied obsessed with Instagram. But then sooner or later the wandering heart wants to come back home. Now that sounds super cheesy, doesn't it? :-) But I am sure you get the drift.
So I am back with a bang, err no some ODDKAs. In case you are thinking it is VODKA spelled wrong, you are not the only one. I thought so too at the beginning. Till I was informed that ODDKA is a curiously flavoured spirit-drink invented by Oddoski. Recently these drinks were introduced to the UK market and I was sent these three samples some weeks back. They sounded so wickedly delicious, I was saving them for a special occasion. Out came the bottles and my fancy cocktails glasses when we had a girlie sleepover at my place. It was super fun to have the girls over, we drank oodles of ODDKA, gossiped to our heart's content, and had a laugh. I am so happy I saved the ODDAKA for a special occasion. If you are in the UK, go on give it a try, I assure you, you won't be disappointed, surprised maybe, curiously tickled definitely, but bored, no, never!

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  1. The Oddka sure sounds interesting n i am sure it tastes as good as the bottle looks...


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