Coffee & Lavender Cookies at a Lavender Farm in Surrey, UK

Today was a brilliant day. The sun was out in it's full glory and it felt so nice to just sit out in the sun, basking in  it's wintery warmth. Reminded me of a day last summer. With some friends had gone on an impromptu trip to a nearby lavender farm. Yes we live near a gorgeous lavender farm. Imagine. And I did not even know about it, till my friend told me about the place. We went in September when two of the lavender fields had already been harvested and the last one was about to be so. The deep purple and the green combination was gorgeous and the smell. Ah the smell of lavender. Once we were done roaming and I was done photographing we had coffee and lavender cookies from a cafe in the farm. It was nice. I have never used lavender in any cooking. Time I started. Have you baked with lavender or used it in your salads?

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  1. Delicious and lovely to look at lavendar cookies and coffee. Looks excellent.


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