Food Photography Props from Kolkata!

Hi guys, how are you all? I have a bit of a good news. My suitcase has come back, battered & shattered and ripped on the side, but with all the contents intact. Thank God. Finally all that stress I was under, for the last 5 days, is over and I can breathe easy.
As you know it has been a really hectic and short trip back home this time, but in-spite of all that maddening rush, I did manage to pop into two of my favourite prop shops.  One shop did not have much to offer, but the other did not disappoint. These ceramic props together cost less than what I sometimes pay in fancy London shops for one side plate. Yeah props are cheap back home and the variety is amazing. If only they were not that difficult to bring back. *Sigh*
Wishing you all a relaxed & happy weekend. 


  1. Lost luggage during travelling is undoubtedly a big stress. I'm glad you got it back. The props really look good. When compared to Europe/North America everything looks so cheap back home but alas, the luggage restrictions make it so difficult to carry whatever we want.

  2. Those are pretty , Suchi ! Though I find it hard to photograph printed props :P :D


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