Tuna Kebabs & Tales of A Summer Picnic

Hello friends. How are you doing? I just got back from India and not feeling too cheerful. Lost my suitcase in transit. The airline is trying to trace it, but I am told patience and persistence is the key here. Since neither are my strong point, am feeling rather glum. 
To cheer myself up I was going through the photos of summer. Found some photos of a picnic we went to last summer. It was a hot August day, the kind of day which makes you wonder if winter really exists. We soaked up the sun, played games, wandered around in the beautiful park and ate some good food. One of our friends had got these kebabs. These are fish kebabs made with tuna and were really good. Looking at this photograph made me smile, hence I decided to share this with you. 
What is your favourite picnic food?

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  1. Did they find your luggage yet ? Hope there's nothing important in it :P Fave Picnic food is fried chicken and yeah , Coke zero :D


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