Spread Some Love on Valentine's Day

I know you do not or rather should not need a special day for this. But life sometimes has a way of sneaking right in and taking over. And in trying to balance everything and everyone, we slide right to the bottom of our priorities. In our to-do lists we hardly  ever feature. I mean think about it, a thousand odd things do, our jobs do, our hairs do, our dry cleaners  certainly do, as does the insurance company or the tax department. But do we? Do we write say today's first chore is to love and pamper myself a little? Sadly we do not.
Let today be different. It's Val Day and you won't find a better day to start. Make a little extra effort to dress up nicely, no, not for that important client meeting, but for yourself, wear your favourite colour or take your accessory, or both, apply your favourite perfume, give yourself a compliment when you check your mirror or better still blow yourself a kiss and catch it too. Smile and tell yourself that you are lucky to have you in your team. When you feel loved by yourself, you will automatically spread love. The world needs you badly.
Happy Valentine's Day. Remember to love yourself a little today!

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