Teatime in Tartine

Teatime at the cosy little cafe Tartine we have discovered in Tooting. For those of you who know/live in London Tooting Broadway hardly inspires images of lovely independent cafes. More like rows and rows of India, Pakistani and Bangladeshi eateries. Nothing wrong with them, but that area is a desi ghetto. One of our frequent haunts there is Dosa n Chutney. But coming back to this cafe. Walk a little towards St George's Hospital from Dosa n Chutney and before long you will cross this pretty place. The rows of cakes displayed on the window almost calls you in. The crowd is lovely in there, go in you won't be disappointed!

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  1. Muy rico y linda tarta tomarè con tè y sacarè dos trozos,saludos y abrazos.


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