Potato & Okra Stir-Fry

After the birthday party yesterday evening which actually went on till the wee hours of today morning, we decided to have a light lunch. We were initially deliberating between a sandwich and a salad. But hangovers do deserve a certain kind of food and I was craving something spicy. Finally after much debate we decided on some starch and vegetables. In the fridge there was a bag of okras and a couple of sad looking potatoes languishing in the potato basket. So I made a potato and okra {dhyarosh} stir fry of sorts  which I served with some steaming rice. Generally this should have been served with lentils {daal}.  Frankly I was in no mood or state to make daal, and since neither was husband, we happily ate this without any. This stir fry took me minutes to prepare once all that chopping was done and pretty straight forward to make. These easy  & quick dishes disprove the myth that  cooking Indian food is difficult and time consuming! So for day 18 enjoy the potato and okra stir fry. Till tomorrow folks!


  1. Awesome looking stir fry. Excellent preparation. You and your husband are so hassle free couple.

  2. I love stir-fries , too :D Okra sounds wonderful in this delicious dish ! Never thought you can use it for stir-frying :p

  3. La mezcla es un maridaje perfecto me encanta luce muy bonito,abrazos.


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