Happy New Year Dear Friends & Beginning of Project 365--A Food Photo A Day

Hello there 2014. You arrived at a good time, looking all sharp and shiny!

We bid 2013 a fond farewell on a happy and thankful note and starting 2014 on a hopeful one. Here's to all things good and lovely for all of us in this new year. And of course let's hope this year will be filled with good food, new recipes and resurrecting the great old ones. I also plan to take a lot more food photographs. So kicking off a 365 food photography project from today. Hope you will accompany me on this journey!

See you tomorrow with a new photograph and hopefully all those stories and recipes which are waiting in my draft to say hello to you. 


  1. And I am waiting to say Hello to them too, Suchi:) Can't wait! Sending New Year wishes your way. May it be Healthy, Safe, Prosperous and Happy! Thank you so much for sharing...

  2. Happy new year Suchi ;-) 365 project with food pictures wow

  3. Good luck with your 365 food photography project ! Hope you won't forget your camera whenever you have the urge to eat outside :D


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