Home Alone on a grey Day with Green Tea

Ever since I got back from Paris, days in the UK has been exceptionally grey. And wet. It has been raining continously. Sometimes in torrents, sometimes sneakily. However much you tell yourself that you will not let the grey skies get to you. They do. Oh how they do. They sneak into your subconscious when you are not paying attention and spread their grey wings and settle down. Once they make themselves at home, it is so hard to dislodge them. However much you try. They refuse to budge, to let go. You must have guessed by now, I am in the grip of such a grey mood. It seems as if the sky outside the my mood match perfectly. Both are so very grey. How we both could do with a bit of sunshine. I am been drinking cups and cups of green tea. I think now it is official, I am a green tea addict. 
How about you? How has this week been treating you?


  1. Hi Suchi!

    Grey skies have finally cleared with rays of sunshine brightening our day. We're delighted! I too LOVE Green Tea:) Sending sunshine your way and thanks for sharing a cup of tea with us:)

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