Farmers' Market Produce

We are almost at the fag end of January and luckily for us it hasn't yet been very cold in my part of the UK. But it has been raining steadily sometimes for days in a row. We are in the middle of such a phase right now and I type while listening to the pitter patter of rain drops outside. 

The first time I encountered rains in winter was in Delhi. It was the first year I had landed up in JNU and my first experience of living in a graduate house. I must say the continuous rains and the bitter cold helped us bond over cups of tea.

I did not do anything exciting food wise, neither was the weather conducive to photography. I did try taking some photos of my cup of tea, but not happy with them. So pulled out this photo during our trip to a farmers' market in autumn. In fact there are loads more photos of the farmers' market and the fresh produce on sale there. I have been meaning to write a post, maybe soon I will. In the meantime please enjoy this photo. 

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