Back from Paris nursing a cup of green tea and a host of memories!

I am back from Paris, but I am still very much in Paris mode. I started reading this book 'Mission to Paris' by Alan Furst on my way to Paris, then forgot about the book in all the excitement of being in that beautiful & vibrant city. Back home I picked up the book again and it got so interesting that I stayed up really late last night to finish it.   Quite a page turner it turned to be. Loved reading this spy story set just before the Second World War in Paris. So in a way I was still in Paris, even though I was back from there. Do you feel this way when you are deep into a book?
Of course green tea has been keeping me constant company. It's been really grey and raining on and off in the UK, so a cup of tea is always around to warm my soul and my hands. Good thing I do not take milk or sugar with my tea. With so much intake it would have been a disaster for sure. 
How have you all been? I promise to make rounds of your blogs from tomorrow. I feel totally out of touch with my friends and their lovely blogs. Not a good thing. 
P.S. In case you are wondering what so many miniature Eiffel Towers are doing in this frame, I picked the tiny silver one from the courtyard of Le Louvre, must have fallen off from someone's key chain and I bought one miniature for myself and another as a gift.

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  1. I must search for this book in a library, sounds interesting!


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