Food in Paris & A Little About Louvre Museum

Today I have decided to share not one, but a few photographs. Like I mentioned before I have come on a short weekend trip. Yes the trip is to Paris. We reached pretty late yesterday night and crashed almost at once. Today morning we hit the Louvre Museum. We have come to Paris before, my husband has even stayed here for work, but never been to the Louvre. So this time Louvre was our first priority. And boy so glad we went there. Because it's winter the queues were not that mad and because it's a Friday it was open till 9.45. When we initially went in a little before noon, we thought we would be done by evening. Mostly because I am not much of a museum person, but the museum is so fantastic and so chock full of priceless works of outstanding art that we were among the last to be ushered out. Louvre is not a museum that can be seen in one day. In the seven/eight hours we spent there, we covered only one of the three wings. We need to go back again and again.  It has centuries of art stored in and a very nice place to spend the day in. In case you are thinking what did I think when I saw the Mona Lisa? I found the experience like many others pretty underwhelming. There are so many other awe inspiring work, that had that painting not had built up a fierce reputation of it's ow, I think I would have pretty much missed it in the crowd. But not now, it is kept in a specially cordoned off section with special security and people ignore all other works and crowd around it. I saw people taking crazy number of selfies as if they want to document that they have indeed seen the Mona Lisa. 
We have discovered loads of painters today, now we need to read up and learn more about them and their work.
I have taken lots of photographs, not selfies, which I will share soon, once I have sorted the out. Coming back to today's post, I decided to share with you some photos of our breakfast and lunch on our first day in Paris. 
We had breakfast Parisian style in a nice cafe on Rue Marcadet with coffee and croissant. And lunch we had inside Louvre. I did not expect the restaurant inside the museum to be this good, but then it is Paris after all. We had a fantastic meal. Have a look at the photos.
The lunch photos are taken with iPhone and the restaurant had bad lighting, so I apologise for them. Whereas the cafe had brilliant lighting and I loved clicking there.

Our breakfast spread!
Coffee for me. Yes I broke my green tea habit, went Parisian and ordered coffee!
My husband ordered hot chocolate!
Inside the cafe! It was beautiful, but people were smoking like chimneys! 
Lunch inside Louvre at one of the museum's many cafes!
I ordered grilled salmon with fennel salad and a butter sauce. I loved my food and by the time I was done, my plate was sparkling clean!
My husband ordered Quiche Loraine, which came with a side salad.
For dessert my husband ordered creme brûlée. It was not the best we have had, but it was good! For me it did not have enough crusty topping!
I ordered a warm lava cake with vanilla ice cream! One bite and I was in heaven!

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