Chicken Curry with Pulao

Day 22 and here I am again with some chicken curry with an easy peasy pulao for you. Goodness me, writing this post I realise just how many chicken photographs I have been sharing with you. Going by my track record,  this photo challenge could almost be named chicken dishes photo challenge. I realise that this has to stop. Hopefully tomorrow I can share something totally different and keep on doing so.

Now back to this dish. This is one of the easiest dishes to make. It is so easy that it can almost be classified as a beginner's curry. It may be simple to make, but it does deliver on the flavour. Big time. It will make you feel like you are sitting in your favourite Indian restaurant, instead of your own dinning table. I know some of my friends in the past have expressed how they are not comfortable making curries. Hopefully this recipe will make you feel otherwise. The recipe is coming soon on Kitchen Karma.


  1. Lovely pics of the chicken curry and pulao. I don't mind even if you post n number of chicken meals photos as they all look awesome.

  2. Lovely photo , Suchi ! The simple presentation is wonderful :D Is that a table or you DIY wood board ?


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