A Quick & Easy Coriander Chutney Recipe

Ever since I started the photo challenge, I discovered to my dismay that I have not posted a single recipe. I have been so engrossed in taking photographs, that I have not been posting any of the recipes that I have lined up. Of course such a sorry state cannot be allowed to continue. I confess that I have also been rather remiss in visiting your blogs and checking out what all you guys have been coking. I am travelling this week (will tell you all about it once I am back and if you follow me on Instagram will be posting photos there as I go about), but once I am back, I absolutely promise to rectify the situation. As for the not sharing any recipe, let's amend it right now. Let me share with you the recipe for this gorgeous chutney. 

This versatile chutney is a winter staple back home. My mother makes it in bulk and stores in one big jar and serves  generously with pakoras (fritters), parathas, chaats, aloo or dom {dry potato curry}, makes sandwich with this and also uses this to marinate chicken to make yum chicken kebabs. This makes an excellent garnish as well. I have heard stories from my grandmother that before the days of mixers and grinders, they make this chutney with mortar and pestle. My grandmother often says that the texture they got while manually grinding it was superb. Anyhow, let's make our lives a little easier and user a mixer to make this chutney.

Adding the sugar and mustard oil is what makes this chutney very Bengali and of course a little different. This chutney is also very popular in the rest of India, but sugar and mustard oil are definitely not added there. You could easily not add these two ingredients. This is a super easy chutney to make and it stays in the fridge in a clean jar for about a week. I make this often and then freeze it in ice trays. Do give this a try and let me know if you liked it or not. About the chillies. Please add them according to your heat tolerance, I add two chillies after deseeding them.


  1. this looks great i think would be cool in sandwiches

  2. Doesn't matter Suchismita. Even the pics alone make these posts a gem to watch.

  3. You're travelling again ?! Why didn't you say so ? I could tag along lol I love coriander and your coriander chutney sounds delicious !

  4. beautiful photographs suchi and I love the food styling and the way you have ''written'' the recipe on that template , lovely ! where are you off to for the weekend ?Cheers! Manjiri


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