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I love shopping. I do. Tell me, who doesn't? I mean I am not a  Sophie Kinsella style shopaholic but a little retail therapy, here & there does happen to cheer me up no end. Doesn't it work for you? Come on, fess up...

The reason I started talking shopping and not food with you is cos I have an exciting giveaway for you. Yes Kitchen Karma is getting together with CupoNation India to award her lovely & often patient readers with Flipkart gift vouchers worth INR 500/. And there is not one but two gift vouchers to give away, one for  the Lady Reader and the other for the Gentleman Reader. And you can pick up anything you want from the Flipkart website, it does not have to be related to cooking or eating. Anything your heart desires. This giveaway is open to all those living in India and/or those who have a shipping address in India.

Most of tech savvy yous in India must be knowing about CupoNation, but just in case you are a wee  bit lagging behind {like I was}--it is this website filled with online deals and discount vouchers. Online shopping is big in India right now and these guys get the best deals available in the online shopping world and put them all in one place for you to choose from. Frankly the first time I visited the Cuponation website I went a little mad. It's like a virtual sale and who can resist sales? I know I can't! And the best bit is that they have some really chic brands, which makes the deals totally irresistible. You must check it out. In fact I think from now on whenever I do online shopping from Indian brands (even though I currently live in the UK, most of my UK based friends and me, we do a lot of online shopping from Indian websites and get the parcels delivered to our parents' homes, which we pick up later or the parents send them over when someone comes visiting etc. I know it's complicated, but till the cool shops start international delivery, this is how we shop!) I will first go to the CupoNation website, check out the deals and then begin shopping!

So dear readers please participate in the giveaway and ask your friends and families to join in as well. Let's see which category gets more participants-- the ladies or the gentlemen. Remember this giveaway is open for a month. The winners will be announced on the 15th of August 2013.

Of course like all giveaways, this one also has a few rules. But no sweat, they are really easy ones and just in case you are not active in one of the social forums we have requested you to like us in, never mind, just mention it in the blog comment and we will still consider you for the giveaway!

So the rules are:-

i. Like CupoNation on Facebook
ii. Like CupoNation on Google+
iii. Subscribe to CupoNation's newsletter
iv. Like Kitchen Karma on Facebook
v. Follow Kitchen Karma on Twitter
vi. Leave a comment on this blog saying you have done all of the above and leave us your email contact so that we can reach you in case you win!

P.S. This time when I was in India I did a lot of shopping from Flipkart. They have awesome stock which incidentally was getting restocked in my home! It is one of the easiest sites to shop from and I LOVE their Cash on Delivery payment system. It is simply brill. A lil confession, you see I am err one of those who are, mmm lets just say intimidated not very comfortable with online spending much to the endless mirth of my super tech savvy husband, who incidentally has to do the shopping for me. But I digress. So I feel that if I give my card details online I am going to be robbed by some invisible online highwayman. But with this cash on delivery thing I was so comfortable shopping. With this giveaway voucher you must try Flipkart, I am sure you are going to come back and thank me.

Thanks to CupoNation for sponsoring this giveaway!


  1. Lovely giveaway...I have followed all the rules...My email id is

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Nice giveaway... Happy hosting.. and done my side...

  3. My contact id -

  4. Great giveaway!

  5. Great giveaway and best of luck to the winner.

  6. Darn ! Maybe I should borrow your addy in India so that I can join this wonderful giveaway ? lol Lovely giveaway , Suchi ! Good luck everyone !!!!

  7. Nice giveaway... Email id -

  8. Lovely giveaway !
    I have shopped earlier @ flipkart and am really happy with their prompt and efficient service.
    My email Id -

  9. What a nice giveaway! Good luck to all who enter.

  10. Lalalallallala~

  11. This is a lovely giveaway. May the best man and woman win! Cheers Georgina,

  12. Indeed! A wonderful give-away. Good Luck to all who enter!

    Thanks for sharing...

  13. Interesting and apt for me as I do a lot of online shopping.

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  14. Lovely giveaway.
    Mail id -

  15. Just entered for the Give-away, and you already know my id :)

  16. Pls let us know who won this? are the winners announced?

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