Summer Thirst Quenchers: Quick & Easy Watermelon Drink:

Today I cheated the alarm clock. I got up a few minutes before it's shrill tone could pierce through my sleep.

Like every other morning the first thing that I did after waking up, was to raise the window shutters. 

Another grey morning greets me. 

The morning light pours in through the windows and fills up the room.

 I look out of my window to see that it is drizzling softly. Up in the sky the big, fat clouds have fused together to block out the sun.

I switch on the kettle and get the tea things out.

 The morning rush has not yet started and the street is pretty empty. I, also have a little time before I have to jump into the moring fray.

It is a peaceful kind of a morning, outside the trees sway to the wind, while inside it is snug.  I shiver a little, because the heater has not yet warmed up the house. However number of times they glaze these windows, a little draft always sneaks in. But I like this kind of cold, it makes me feel alive. It also makes me want to soak up the warmth of the tea. 

As I cradle my tea cup, the heavenly aroma of the Darjeeling tea wafts up and takes me to distant lands...

 You must have guessed by all this rambling, that I am back home in London. Yes finally, after seven long months in India. And now that I am back in the UK, I am homesick for India. Yes I even miss the pretty oppressive heat. It is as bad as that. I miss my folks, I miss my old home, I miss Kolkata. 

Summer had started full swing by the time I left Kolkata. We were drinking copious amounts of cold liquid--water, fruit juices, cold coffee, iced teas just to cool down. The fans and the air conditioning units were working full time and ready to drop from exhaustion!

But sadly mangoes were not yet in season. It is not till the second or third week of May that the good, ripe, juicy, succulent mangoes hit the markets. I missed them narrowly.

A glimpse of my mother's kitchen back home in Kolkata. Yes we need fans even in kitchens. Though she does not use this much because she says with this on, it takes twice as much time to cook!
But never mind, I had the watermelons. Oh yes loads and loads of them. These green babies filled with juicy red flesh bring both joy and relief during the summer. They usually flood the markets from March/April onwards. And you would not want to miss them for your life. I ate watermelons till my tummy ached and the juice dribbled down my chin and my fingers got sticky. I promised myself not to eat these any more, only to start again the very next day!

Today I am sharing with an easy watermelon drink. Both my father and my husband love this drink, so it gets regularly made in our home. It is actually my mother's recipe, which I tweaked and made my own.

Not only is it super quick to make, it is super easy as well. You may say it is one of my easy peasy recipes. You have checked out the others, right?

All you need for this recipe is of course some watermelon, a spoonful of sugar and a bit of lime juice and of course ice. Loads of ice, actually. Oh darn, wait, why am I telling you like this? Hold on let me share the ingredient list and the recipe properly.

See what did I tell you? It's quick and easy. And if you want to turn this into a proper adult drink why not add some vodka or rum to the drink? Will pack quite a punch I assure you.

Hope you enjoyed this drink as much as we do. See you soon.


  1. super cooler....I think sprite works best....(y)

  2. I love the colorful post Suchi, how nicely you have added the "Kitchen Karma" tag on the pictures and that picture of your kitchen in Kolkata is just stealing the show..

  3. Que rica bebida refrescante me encanta esperaré el verano para tener sandías,saludos y abrazos.-

  4. What a marvelous, refreshing drink! Perfect for a summer cool down.

  5. Refreshing and cheerful!
    Both drink and post ;)

  6. I a jealous of your weather in London! I so miss London.
    It is searing here in Colorado and since we are closer to the sun, we are the ones that get cooked in the summer. However, we can alway run up into the mountains and cool off and I love that about living here. We're off to the mountains on Sunday and I can't wait.
    It's been so long since I went to India that it was nice to see your mum's kitchen!
    As for the watermelon drink, I think I found my drink for my BBQ party next week. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog!


  7. hi Suchi you are undisputedly apt on both,presentation and cooking.Highly appreciable.

  8. Hi Suchi, you're back in action. :) Your watermelon drink is so refreshing and tempting. Wish I can have some now even thou it's 1.30am. LOL

    I like your original water mark 'tag', you're very creative and your drawing look cute and pretty. I'll will try to make this for my next posting but will credit and link back to you. thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Yup am back in action Amelia. Please do it and I can link you back :-)

  9. Suchi , your thirst-quencher looks pretty refreshing ! It's been raining here for days now , a respite from the searing heat few days past :P

  10. I'm waiting for (Australian) summer to try it; never had watermelon in a drink form!

  11. Loved that your shared your mom's kitchen in this post :) Can't go wrong with watermelon this time of the year. Yum!

  12. I love this, have to try it with the soda..

  13. Perfectly refreshing on hot days.

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