Shantiniketan: Some Photographs

This is how they store hay in the villages of India...
Mud huts...but with modern attempt to attract more tourists to this beautiful land...
A bullock cart, shot from inside the car...
The famed red soil of the region....
A steam engine, pity the photograph of the train a little far away with the steam puffing out did not come out well...
This is dedicated to my husband, if he had not asked, I would not have bothered to find a bullock cart or as we call it gorur gari in Bengali....

The above photographs are from our short trip to Shantiniketan. Sorry for the random uploading of photographs, blogger follows its own sweet rules while uploading photographs it seems. After much struggle I have given up. There are some more photographs which are in my Facebook page, if curious please click here.


  1. wonderful clicks .....ganer linegulo mone pore gelo...ami amar amike chirodin ai banglai khuje pai
    ami banglai dekhi shopno
    ami banglai badhi shur
    ami ai banglar maya bhora pothe hetecchi etota dhur.....

  2. I really enjoyed these photos-seeing a different part of the World is always a pleasure
    Blog about life and travelling
    Blog about cooking

  3. Hi Suchi, thanks for the tour. Beautiful scenery and I love the 4th pictures, very nice.

    Have an enjoyable holiday.

  4. i so very much loved all the pictures (esp. 2nd and 4th pic) .. beautifully clicked..!

  5. Very nice pictures. Will check out the rest on fb.

  6. Lindas fotografías la casa de paja está hermosa,hugs,hugs.

  7. Hi Suchi, so nice to see your comment on my blog; love your new layout on your blog, and especially the incredible photos of your journey to India!


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