Sushi Plans Thursday Dinner Part I

Darn, Sushi was having a super busy Monday, when Snow called.

Snow, her husband, you forgot? Never mind, Snow with thick glasses, always pouring over thicker books,  the ever forgetful mathematician husband of her's. The one who......oh but I divert. Silly me.....right back to the story. Snow called to let Sushi know that his parents have invited themselves to dinner on Thursday night.

''DINNER?'' Sushi yelled.

''THURSDAY?'' She squeaked....her throat dry...

''But...but Thursday is a working day....'' while she said this, in her mind's eye Thursday loomed scowling and snarling, swinging a ferocious looking club....

On the other side Snow in his typical patient voice ''Yes I know...'' (sigh) ''But Ma said they are not free any other evening....''

''How on earth.....? Oh okay! Listen I have a meeting in 5 mins, I gotta go.....'' Sushi hangs up and takes a deep breath. ''Think client, forget MIL'' she tells herself firmly. A panic attack was bubbling and all ready to burst out, but she had a Very Important Client to meet and a not-easy-to-please Boss to please. She took a large bite of her emergency chocolate bar, applied fresh lipstick, stuck on her most professional smile, tucked her tummy in, and marched to the meeting room.

While her boss and the client droned on, Sushi's  mind kept drifting back to the upcoming Thursday dinner. Frankly Sushi was hopeless in the kitchen. The only thing she could do expertly was burn water. In fact she could never understand why people said that you cannot burn water, she has successfully done it so many times. Not only her water...err the water she had put to boil burns, but also the pan in which it was boiling. Why only the other day she put some water to boil to make some soup, she left it only for a minute, next thing she heard was fire alarms going off and Snow yelling. She rushed down to find the stupid pan was actually on fire! Imagine! She had just left it for a moment to catch up on her favourite soap!

Unable to concentrate on her work, she tried making a to-do list. But the list was too long and depressed her. So she started making a list of chances of  the dinner not happening. It felt good to imagine that her MIL had broken a leg and could not make it to the dinner. But knowing her MIL, Sushi knew she would come in a wheelchair, if needed.

The moment the meeting got over, Sushi rushed to call her best friend Polly. But Polly was excited about yesterday's episode of XYZ soap and Sushi was soon caught up in that excitement. They discussed the dramatic happenings in the soap for 20 mins till one of her colleagues popped in to call her for a team meeting.

It was only much later in the evening that Sushi got a chance to call her mother. Not that her mother was much help. She was a rotten cook herself, but she was a good listener and Sushi could rant and rave and her mother always said the nicest things to cheer her up.

Feeling a little better after chatting with her mom, Sushi went to speak to Snow. Together they brainstormed about  the menu. Nothing that they could cook seemed appropriate. So they thought of sneaking in take away food. But they remembered how her MIL had found out when she discovered the food packets in the dustbin and given them a lecture on honesty for two hours. Sushi shuddered thinking about that episode. No, no take away for her in-laws. Next they thought about taking her in-laws to a posh hotel, but no they had already tried it once and her MIL had given them a lecture on not wasting money. Never mind, that she gets extremely expensive caterers to supply food to all her parties. No that is a MIL privilege, not extended to the DIL, Sushi sighed a deep and sad sigh and moved onto the next idea!

To be continued......

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If you have had a Sushi overload I have something else in store for you. An event announcement. You must be thinking oh no not another blogging event. Do not want to participate in a marathon or share tiffiin/breakfast/lunch/dinner/festivsal ideas. Hold on guys, trust Kitchen Karma a wee bit more. A bunch of us London based bloggers are doing a blogging event, but not a virtual one. Yes that's right. It is a real world event, where we get to meet each other in all our finery. The invitation below will give all the details. If you are based in the UK or Europe or if you fancy a vacation in the UK this is your chance. You could come alone or bring your family along. Lets them get awed at the British Museum while at a stone's throw away we, the food bloggers get to meet and talk about our passion to our heart's content. Do come and share this far and wide, you never know who you get to meet and make friends for life!


  1. Suchi !!!! Where have you been ?! :D Are you as busy as Sushi's ?! lol

  2. I kept reading Sushi as Suchi and I thought OMG it is obvious that MIL does not read the blog... waiting for part 2.

  3. hi suchi- you are a great writer. thanks for your visit, would love to come back here.
    sometimes MIL are too much also, as if the son is perfect... that they are not ashamed to pry on DIL. ha ha..
    have a nice day dear

  4. Suchi we really miss you Im happy you come back dear:)

  5. This made me laugh out loudly:-)

  6. Hi Suchi, how you doin'? I miss you for a long long time. :) So glad to see you back in action again.
    Thanks for sharing, love the way you write made me laughing non stop. I like your Thursday to do list, especially the second part dinner not happening. LOL

    Have a lovely week ahead, regards.


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