New in Town: Kellogg's Special K Cracker Crisps

Recently I went to the launch of Kellogg's Special K Crisps.

It was held at the Curzon Cinema in posh Mayfair, where they showed us 'The Eye Has To Travel', a movie on Diana Vreeland. Us, the food bloggers settled down with drinks and boxes of Kellogg's Special K Crisps that were about to hit the UK markets that very week.

Just 95 calories per 21 crisps, the Kellogg's guys informed us that these crisps were popped. There are three different flavors: Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream & Onion. My personal favourite is the Sweet Chilli. It is just perfect for me, with a hint of chilli. I found the Sour Cream & Onion one a little too dry and I am not a fan of the Salt & Vinegar flavor anyhow. But the Sweet Chilli one, I sure am going back to the shops for more.

Generally associated with breakfast cereals, this new venture of Kellogg's sure makes the crisp lover me happy.Very happy indeed. Cos with this Special K launch crisp eating has become guilt free. For someone like me this is very good news. Because I have a pattern. On good days I sensibly stay away from high calorie crisps with a sigh and on bad days I demolish a bag only to feel guilty about it for the rest of the day.  It seems those days are over for good. Now I can munch on these ''guilt free'' crisps and not feel bad.

Do try them out and let me know which flavor you like the most.

Before I end, I must tell you about this Dianna Vreeland movie. Wow what a woman. She was instrumental in changing the fashion scene and made it fashionable for women to work. A lot of character and spunk! I only wish she was more supportive of the feminist movement during her time. And also that she did not popularize the skinny look. She sure made life difficult for us women. Back to the movie, it is beautiful and vibrant. I loved the 1920s fashion that they showed. And you know what even an iconic woman like her got fired from her job!

Oh another must mention is the Kellogg's bag in which we were given the crisp boxes. Such a sexy bag. It looks like a carrier bag of  an expensive fashion house. I was expecting to find a pair of shoes inside, out came a box of crisps! Oh well, never mind!



  1. Hi Suchi, how are you? Hope all is well at your side.

    Thanks for sharing the new product with us. The carrier bag sure look cute and pretty. Love your presentation, look really nice.

    Have a nice day ahead, regards.

  2. Hey Suchi ! How art thee ?! lol I'll surely try these chips ! Hopefully , they are available in this side of the world ! :D

  3. Oooo we don't have these in Australia. I want some so bad!!

  4. not available in India... and I want the Sea salt and Vinegar.

  5. I LOVE these cracker feels like I'm eating potato chips without the guilt! My sons love chips and I can give them these without feeling bad about it..but we have different flavours in Canada. We have the sour cream and onion, But also cheddar and salted...the sweet chilli and balsamic sounds yummy!


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