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I  deeply regret to inform you that my laptop in my service since 2009 has recently passed away. Before coming into my service, it had served my husband for a couple of years. The laptop has been loyal to us throughout its life, the last few weeks it had been really sick and could not carry on its duties. Now it is no more. It has left me, its present owner deeply shocked and aggrieved. I sorely miss my laptop. I feel as if my best friend is missing from my life. A friend who kept me company throughout the day and connected me with friends and family, shared the world news with me. Now that it is no more I realise what an important part it occupied in my life.

 With the passing away of the laptop, I feel like I have become homeless. True I have a high tech phone which people promise me that easily take the place of my laptop. But I need to know how to use that phone for my benefit and I just do not. These extra sensitive touch pads are beyond me. My fingers slip and slide and all the work I had done vanishes in a second! By then I am ready to tear out my hair in frustration. So the only other way is to hijack my husband's laptop when he is not working. Now that is easier said than done, since my husband is surgically attached to his precious laptop. But I am no less cunning I have figured out a has be very late at night or very early in the morning. Now my husband works well past midnight most days, I tried to wait, but fell asleep on the sofa and got a frozen shoulder. Now the morning, he leaves for work around 7.30 a.m., so I figured it has to be around 6ish for me to get at least a couple of hours. So dear friends my life has now become a waiting game, I am always on the lookout for my husband not to use his laptop and then pounce on it. Of course you must be wondering why I don't buy a new laptop, I very much intend to, once I get the money. Right now there just isn't any.

Hence my long absence from all of your blogs, but I shall come back soon, very soon.

Not that the sad part is over, lets get on with the happy part i.e. the food part. 

For this month's Blog Hop Wednesdays I am paired with Jayasree's Samayalarai. My God the number of recipes she has in her blog is just awesome. And I loved the way she has organised it. I kept going through her recipes wondering what to make, of course when I could get hold of the laptop. Then I came across this recipe of Chocolate Nutty Rolls and I was hooked. Because ages ago, when I was a little girl, my mother had made this chocolate barfi with nuts. I remember it tasting great and me stealing bits of it from the fridge. I keep asking my mother for the recipe, but she has totally forgotten about it. But me, I just cannot get that taste out of my head. So reading this recipe, I felt this could be that one. It looked like a pretty easy recipe to make too. So I got together the ingredients and got to work. I have deviated a little, I have cut out the coconut from this recipe, also instead of making a roll, I have made these into little barfis.

Lets share the ingredients and the recipe.


1 tin of condensed milk
1/2 milk powder
6 to 7 digestive biscuits, finely powdered
4 table spoons of butter
1/2 cup of roasted nuts-- I used cashew nuts and hazel nuts


Roast the nuts and crush them roughly;
In a heavy bottomed pan, on low flame add the condensed milk and powdered milk and stir continuously, after a couple of minutes add the butter. Let it melt and mix properly. Then add the powdered biscuits a little at a time, mixing well. Once mixed, cook it for a couple more minutes, then add the nuts and mix well again.
Switch off the flame and oil your moulds and spoon in the mixture or turn these into rolls like Jayasree did.

It was not like the barfi my mother made. I do not know if I can ever find the recipe for that one. This one tasted yummy. Loved the flavour the biscuits added. This is on the sweeter side, so a little goes a long way. Also pretty easy to prepare in advance for guests.

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  1. wow very tempting and yummy barfi...

  2. simple ingredients but looks so tasty,,,,sorry about your laptop, I don't like to use my smart phone either :)

  3. yum!i think laptops all over the world are killing themselves...mine has decided to fall ill .....and i completely understand the waiting game!

  4. Hi Suchi, so sorry your laptop had left you. And our life now without computer and internet is like living in a cave life. Hope you'll be able to get a computer real soon.

    Your chocolate barfis look tempting and to die for kind. The mould look so cute too.

    Have a nice weekend, regards.

  5. sorry about your laptop! it isn't the same thing, but we just lost everything on our hardrive - which we hadn't been backing up. so frustrating! this fudge looks fantastic though!

  6. Tempting and chocolaty burfi... Sorry abt ur laptop. May his soul rest in peace...

  7. Condolences on your laptop..I know how lost you must be feeling. But all good things have to come to an end and give place for new ones ;)
    The barfi's look soo good and especially the barfi cups .. I want them :))

  8. awesome nice idea of using choclate

  9. May your laptop rest in Peace suchismita. the chocolate burfi looks really good. this addition of biscuit crumb is so new to me.

  10. Sorry about your laptop..
    Burfi looks delicious..

  11. RIP Laptop !! i can understand your pain...i think am going to loose mine verysoon but am looking fwd to a superfast jet speed one !!

    awesome burfi

  12. May you rest in peace , laptop ! lol Suchi , all you need is a brand new Mac ! :D ... These fudge sounds interesting ! From that ingredients I'm sure it tastes yummy !

  13. Woooww...muy rico e interesante con chocolate,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  14. R.I.P. laptop. These look so yummy though!

  15. Woow yummy chocolate

  16. I've never had a chocolate barfi or warfi as I know them, before, just the plain ones! These look so good!

  17. sorry to hear about your laptop... the barfi looks delicious... must have tasted yummy!!

  18. It happened to me long ago. I know exactly how you feel. And I am also not a fan of the smart phones, just cannot use them like my children do. I guess I need the bigger keyboard! The fudge looks absolutely yummy


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