Visual Feast: London's Borough Market...

Borough Market is undoubtedly London's most popular food market. On Saturday afternoons it is an incredibly busy place, heaving with Londoners and tourists alike. The merchandise, sights, sounds, smells, and atmosphere all are heavenly. The crowds remind me of the hustle and bustle of busy bazaars back home. So I love that too. Though it makes photography a little difficult. The prices are a little fancy, but there are always good deals. Like last Saturday a farmer was selling 5 avocados for a pound. Now that is as good as any super market, only organic, fresher and ethically sourced!

Today's post is a visual feast of the some of the joys that the Borough Market offers.

 Lets eat one few slices of chocolate brownies and some focaccia bread too!

It was raining cats & dogs when we were in the market. Some photos bear witness to that.

    Mussels anyone? Its on special offer!

Borough Market specialises in meats...there are all kinds including exotic ones. Their website says ''If it comes from an animal and it’s good to eat, you can probably find it somewhere at Borough. From pies, sausages and hams to prime cuts of fresh meat, from seasonal British game to exotic ostrich steaks, Borough is home to butchery at its very best.''

Time for some condiments...various types of mustard and sauces for tasting and you can take them home in pretty jars! While you are at it why not pick up some pies?

 ''The dish Fish 'n' Chips was voted to the list of English National Icons along with Robin Hood, The Archers, Magna Carta and The White Cliffs of Dover.''

This shop is probably the main reason why we keep going back to the Borough Market. They do have the best fish and chips we have so far had in the UK. 

Forget Frozen. Forget slabs of insipid white fish flesh, uninspiring batter, tasteless peas and industrial potato wedges masquerading as chips. Here the fish tastes like it was alive till a moment ago, the chips are thick and crunchy (with a hint of handmade) and the batter, just perfect. You can eat the crunchy coating on top just on its own, a rarity in Britain. You have to buy mayonnaise separately, which they give these in little boxes, no packaged ones.This is just the fish and chips you dreamt of while reading an English novel.

The shop is incredibly busy, but the queue moves quickly. You eat standing on the side, they also have a restaurant just beside the shop. But it is always so full and we are so hungry that we always end up sharing a box  standing on the pavement.

How can a market be complete without some pretty flowers? 

A shop selling French goodies. There was duck conduit being sold in tins!

As part of Borough's Europe tour... some Spanish grub err chillies!

Thirsty? There is always the smoothie stand or the mulled wines and wines that people drink in disposable cups...while sipping your drink why not go through some spice? You may find something interesting! 

Before going home why not pick up some fresh, organic veggies?
The farmer has come all the way to sell his produce...

Did you enjoy yourself?
I sure did, only problem was that I got wet in the rain and now have a horrible cold and a nagging headache!

Award announcement-- I have been awarded The Versatile Blogger by two of my friends.
First it came from Poonam of Kande Pohe. This lady is a genius in making puris and parathas apart from all the yummy Maharastrian, Konkan and Goan food that she cooks and shares with us. I go to her blog to drool over the food.
Next the award came from Iyshwarya of Ishooo. This young lady writes a mean 55 word fiction. Usually I like reading long, rambling stuff, but she has got me hooked to the 55 word fiction. So much so that I am considering trying one myself!

 I pass this award on to some of the bloggers whose spaces I love visiting:

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You ladies rock!


  1. This is good virtual tour suchi :).. i was remind dog Pike market place here in Seattle..i have never shopped there though, except for the flowers! But the market instantly reminded me of that.. & the rains..hmm shouldn't comment on that.. Take care & get well soon and thanks a ton for the award :D..made my day! :))

  2. Suchi.. go ahead & share 7 things about urself.. would love to read that :D..the award says sooo ;) can't wait for the post!

  3. super virtual tour Suchi..congrats for ur awards and wish u more and more...

  4. Love food shopping, checking out new goodies, this is a treat..

  5. Great post!!! I miss London. Been twice but don't know that I could ever get enough!

  6. Treat for our eyes; love good market!

  7. Gr8 shots of markets they are gr8

  8. thanks for the great tour suchi..
    excellent post..congrats on your deserve this and many more..;)

    Tasty Appetite

  9. Nice post - love london, beautiful clicks

  10. I 've lived in London for over a year and never visited this market. A vegetarian friend was showing me around that area once and didn't like the smells of meats. I thought they only sold meats until this post. I enjoyed the tour very much, thank you.

  11. well these pics and posts really did take me to the market!..:)

  12. Hi Sahi,

    Welcome to my space.I tried to post a comment in your blog. But could not. Could you please check your settings.

  13. Wonderful post with beautiful clicks.

  14. awww thanks a bunch for the award..ure the best:)
    and gorgeous pics of b market

  15. Nice clicks dear.. you take of yourself.. An award is waiting for you at my blog -

  16. Congrats versatile blogger !
    yummy snaps

  17. Wow I'd love to be there. One of my dreams is to visit London. I hope to go this summer. Can you suggest me interesting spots to visit that are not the traditional turistic sites? You're so lucky to live in this fantastic city.

  18. First of all congratulations on the award. May you get many more. and yes please tell us the random stuff about you. what better way can there be to know a blogger better.

    the pics about the Borough Market are brilliant. The food, the cheese, the meat, the pastries bring back memory . I used to love the little truffle stands and that mulled wine.. Thanx for sharing and hope your headache is better now.

    Glad I found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular reader now.

  19. Those are some interesting photographs. You have left us in no doubt abou the richness and the atmosphere.

  20. Suchi,
    We never went to this market, all of the time shopping in supermarkets..may be it's time to check it..and thanks for such a lovely and vibrant virtual tour of the market..geese fat? wow!I mean really!LOL..hugs and smiles

  21. Great post;) would love to visit and shop in those markets :)

  22. Hello Suchi, this market is fabulous, I want to go there asap!!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog..!

  23. I love to see and read post like this awesome market,never been to london,i'll be visit paris this summer,thanks for comments in my blog.

  24. sure a visual treat, lovely clicks...Congrats on the award..

    Join the Just "4" Fun event :)

  25. Very nice post dear. Thanks for sharing...

    Cuisine Delights
    My First Event - "COLOURFUL HOLI".

  26. Yes I live in London Suchi, in raynes park,Wimbledon :)
    how about u ?? never went to borough market, If I go will surely look for ur fish and chips shop :)

  27. Hey Suchi, nice tour of London. great guide for newbies in London.. After more than 2 years in US, I still don't know the markets here that well.

  28. Suchi, Thanks for taking me on the market. It's amazing. If I live in London, that would be the only place for me to shop: I like to be as close to the producer of the food as possible. Sorry to hear about your cold. I hope you feel better soon. Have some tea with honey, and rest. Congratulation on the award!

  29. nice pics and notes.award is waiting 4 in my space.collect it .plz......

  30. These photos are wonderful! I love visiting markets like this one.

  31. Nice new look of your site!Love it!Loved the pics and stories :)

  32. Thanks guys for all your lovely comments. My cold is not yet better, but getting there :-)

    You guys stay warm and cosy and have a great weekend :-)


  33. Suchi-first and most...thank you for the wonderful award, I'm so honored, and appreciate so much!

    Love the London markets, and your photos are just, so, beautiful!

  34. No fair Suchi! Such gorgeous food and only the eyes to feast with...

    Enjoyed going through the pics - must check this out next time I'm in London.


  35. Wow Suchi! I absolutely loved the photographs! They were a treat to watch! :)
    Kavi (Edible Entertainment)

  36. Lovely pictures! A treat for our eyes


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