Do you want some ice cream? 
There is a special kind of fun to have ice creams in winters. I know winters and ice creams generally do not go together. But for me it does. Cos when I was a kid once we went to visit my aunt and uncle in Delhi during winters. I remember after dinner us cousins would go out for ice creams. My three cousins were then learning to drive and they would fight with each other over everything-- about who drives better, which road to take, whether the guy in the next car was cute enough. Oblivious to their fights, I would sit wide eyed in the back soaking in night streets of Delhi.

We would usually go where teenagers/college goers would go to hang out. We would buy ice cream cones and have them standing beside the car while my cousins gossiped about the people hanging out there. It was my first foray into teenage hangout!

Since then I love having ice creams in winter. What is your favourite ice cream? I have so many that trying to list them will only exhaust me. But this is on my all time favourite list. I was introduced to B&J's by my Filipino friend Beth years ago in Toronto. I have been hooked ever since! I love them extra special cos they have gone Fairtrade, check out the  blue, yellow and black logo on the box!

I know ice creams in ramekins is not the usual! 
But hey it works for me, firstly because not more than two heaped spoonful of ice cream fits into the ramekin and also because I like how the lighter brown of the ramekin goes with the darker brown of the ice cream.

When I am home alone I do not bother with ice cream scoops, a tea spoon is a good enough implement to help me dig into my ice cream. 
Hope you also enjoy some ice cream soon.
Have a lovely day!


  1. Hello Suchi,
    thanks so much for coming over to my space and leaving me a sweet comment:)I followed you back and I'm so glad I did!Your food blog looks and sounds awesome,no doubt - but what actually allured me was your other blog where you write so beautifully!You do have a way with words and I enjoyed that a lot!Following you on both your blogs - do keep posted,my friend!Lovely meeting you:)

  2. Hi Sudha, the pleasure is all mine :-)



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